Infinity Stones: Where Are They?

Infinity stones: Locations

The Marvel Cinematic Universe gives us the amazing concept of the Infinity stones, For those of you who don’t now what Infinity stones are, There are 6 infinity stones in the marvel cinematic universe which are considered immensely powerful and are said to have the potential to destroy the whole universe if fallen in a bad hand. If you guys what to know when how and why were the infinity stones formed, do check out our article on The Infinity stones: Origin. Let’s get into the topic of where the stones are as for now.  Continue reading

versus battles

Versus Battles: Clash of Clans.

Versus Battles: Leak confirmed

Versus battles are coming! Yeah, the leak is confirmed and the versus battles is coming really soon! There was a picture on Reddit and it spread like wildfire yesterday. This is confirmed by the moderators and Clashers all around the globe are speculating what would the verses battle be like? The image of the leak itself drew a lot of attention as players were disappointed with the appearance update. The game mode has been hyped up by supercell and we all expect it to be more than just better.

Continue reading

Dragon ball super spoiler episode 92

Dragon ball super episode 92 Spoilers!

Dragon ball super spoilers episode 92

Dragon ball super ep.92: “Emergency! We don’t have all 10 members!!” which airs on may 28th. Majin Buu won’t get up! And mighty warriors from throughout the universes assemble. Goku and other fighters from universe 7 panic as Majin Buu won’t wake up. Majin Buu has fallen asleep and it seems there’s no way anyone can possibly wake him up. With the tournament of power drawing near, Goku and the gang try everything to wake him up, but?! Continue reading

Wannacry: The Biggest Cyber Attack In History

Wannacry: Everything you need to know.

The wannaCry should be a wake-up call for all. Many experts predicted an increase in ransomware and other such malware in 2017. This malware are prone to affect the low budget businesses, hospitals and such public systems with less security and more vital information which might deep valuable. The day of reconning is here for many businesses, with the spread of wannacry ransomware, also known as wannacypter also known as Wcry. Continue reading

गीता के महान उपदेश जो आपकी जीवन को बदल देंगी

गीता के महान उपदेश

श्रीमद्भगवद्‌गीता हिन्दुओं के पवित्रतम ग्रन्थों में से एक है। महाभारत के अनुसार कुरुक्षेत्र युद्ध में श्री कृष्ण ने गीता का सन्देश अर्जुन को सुनाया था। यह महाभारत के भीष्मपर्व के अन्तर्गत दिया गया एक उपनिषद् है। इसमें एकेश्वरवाद, कर्म योग, ज्ञानयोग, भक्ति योग की बहुत सुन्दर ढंग से चर्चा हुई है। इसमें देह से अतीत आत्मा का निरूपण किया गया है। Continue reading

boat coc

Boat Update and All About It! Clash of Clans

Boat Update and All About It: Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans released their suspense filled boat to our base weeks ago and now we have the latest Captian’s log videos and it just turning awesome video after video. There is our hog rider saying a lot of stuff, could there be some clues in here? He was talking about meeting new friends. So are we looking at new troops?. He specifically talked about the skeletons, snacks by the campfire not to mention totally reinventing himself that is, being a new man named Chaz. And his new job? The hog rider is now a gardener. Am I reading too much between the lines? Probably yes. Supercell has not been releasing much of sneak peeks about the boat lately but there is one place you could go for some information Continue reading

5G coming soon

Is 5G coming soon? Check out it’s features!

Is 5G coming soon?

Doesn’t matter which kind of person you are, the one who is first in line for the latest at the apple store or the relaxed android use. Every tech quickly becomes yesterday’s news, it may never be as vivid as it is this moment. Especially when telecommunication companies are working on the phenomenon of 5G worldwide. Which would mean surfing full and heavy web pages on tiny phones we use. But then again, one more G? just after LTE became the super standard and the most used version of internet connection? While it is confusing to keep up with the constantly changing standards of wireless technology, 5G may be the key to ending the need to upgrade. Instead, it would come with incremental improvement as windows 10 does, the thing of being able to update forever.