Versus Battles: Clash of Clans.

versus battles

Versus Battles: Leak confirmed

Versus battles are coming! Yeah, the leak is confirmed and the versus battles is coming really soon! There was a picture on Reddit and it spread like wildfire yesterday. This is confirmed by the moderators and Clashers all around the globe are speculating what would the verses battle be like? The image of the leak itself drew a lot of attention as players were disappointed with the appearance update. The game mode has been hyped up by supercell and we all expect it to be more than just better.

What could the verses battles be?

This is definitely an update on the friendly battle which is already there in the game. No one knows exactly but we are guessing versus battles will allow players to have one on one battle with players, even with them who are not there in the same clan. The versus battles could have attacks one non clan members and is also speculated that we will be able to raid loot. Yes! unlike the friendly battle, this battle would rather be ones where we can attack and raid our friend’s villages. This may also get you trophies. The update is likely to drop the coming week.

versus battle clash of clans

When will the versus battle arrive?

The forums have been saying that the update will not land this week. So my thoughts are we might receive the update the coming Monday i.e 22nd this month. There is a screenshot we received from china where it says “THE PLAYER IS NOW READY FOR VERSES BATTLE”. This guy is affiliated with supercell so it can be taken as an indication that the update is around the corner. The Boat trailers are yet to come. There will be 7th Boat update trailer and then the update for the boat. Supercell has been doing a lot over this update we sure are really excited about the update.

versus battles

How could versus battles work?

One of the many ways that this thing can work is that one person can search for players online and select the ones they want to attack. The game gives you your level of opponent to have a versus match with. The other way versus battles could be, similar to the starting a war, where the game finds a clan who is also looking for a war and matches you with them, versus battles, may look like the same thing but with individual players. This may also offer trophies for the winners, come on it’s a versus battles and not a friendly battle. Whatever it is Supercell has confirmed the update and we all want to know how exactly can it be executed. Do tell us your theory in the comments!

Will it be the new game mode? Maybe not. I hope not. Whatever it is I have really existed. Will i

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