Apps of the Month: Best Apps of May 2017


Apps that will give you best utility.

Google dropped the Android O lately, and I must admit the simplicity is amazing in this version of the operating system. With smartphone market growing exponentially last month let’s Talk about the latest and most useful apps of May 2017 we have the review of 5 apps.

1)Tellerium TV

Everyone likes and watches Movies, especially when it is of good quality and more importantly free. It basically not so new concept but the app is really useful as it collects quality videos of movies and TV serials and puts it all in one place for you. You don’t have to download anything but the app. The specialty of this app over the other existing is that it is clean simple and it is updated constantly. Is it legal? Well according to the developers it is completely legal as it is not using any torrenting methods so until you upload or share the videos anywhere you will be fine. This for obvious reasons is not in google play.

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If you are the one who cares about his data usage and worried about some apps are draining your data this app is for you. The app comes with a very intriguing interface. A simple app that tells you which are the app which is using most of your data and more importantly slows down your internet speed. On the home page, you will be shown grids of apps using your data. The ones at the top are the one who you should be keeping your eye on because they are the ones using most of your data. It also breaks down the download uploads and wifi usage over time giving you precise data analysis. They even have app for windows.



It is basically an app that allows you to customise your home screen by the wonderful widgets the provider. you will need zooper widget pro to use this app. Once you have it installed you will have more than a lac widget to choose from. It also has Galaxy S8 widgets. This app may cost you a dollar and it’s the only paid app on this list.

4)TV time

It is a great way to keep track of the TV shows that you are watching. This app makes it easy if you are one of those who wants to keep up to date with the latest and the upcoming episodes. You can even track your episodes, This app will tell you how many episodes of the show you have watched and how many are new to you. An overview and the length of the episode in one thing I like about this app. They recently dropped an update that lets you see the reaction of people to the episodes and also lets you post yours.

5) Prediction Guru

This app is for ones who are sports freaks and if you follow football hockey or even Kabaddi, this is for you. This app lets you see the time table of all the matches. Lets you root for a team. This app lets you make predictions about the outcome of the game and hopefully makes you win, more virtual coins. Once you get enough coins you redeem real cash from pay pal or get an Amazon e-gift card. The payout is real cool. You can also compete against your friends and bet extra coins for some challeges. The concept of this app makes the sport more exciting to follow.


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