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Top 6 Richest Super Villains

You will be surprised to see how rich the villains of your favorite shows can get! The would of comics and movies have not only made super heroes come from money but also some of our favorite super villains. Check out the list of top 6 richest super villains. If you wish to be as rich as Tony stark, well, not anymore.

#6 Magneto: Marvel Comics – $500 Million

The man born as Max Eisenhart is the leader of the evil mutants in the X-Men series. He emerged, unscathed from the depths of a Nazi death camp. After a failed marriage and three children, the man finally meets his long time friend and nemesis, Charles Xavier in Israel. It is there that he gains his wealth after finding a cache of hidden Nazi gold. With this money he went forth to prove to the world that mutants were truly superior to humans. He must have been a poor investor, because his friend, Charles Xavier is actually seven times richer.

#5 Tywin Lannister: Game Of Thrones – $1.8 Billion

Here is a surprise. He is the richest man in all of the Seven Kingdoms. His son, Tyrion, was last seen on the show boasting about how he was richer than all of the men trying to take over his new homeland, and this is all Tywin is worth? Tyrion must have thrown away more money than this with all his bribes and women. There are thousands of richer men in the real world, so if you are the richest and the best of your fake world, then one expects a little more than this. Oprah Winfrey is richer for God’s sake and her biggest power is promoting books. Where does he get his wealth from? He owns Casterly Rock which sits on a couple of gold mines, leading to speculation that it is this mineral that comes out of his body when he sits down on the latrine.

#4 Emma Frost (The White Queen): Marvel Comics – $11 Billion

The mutant from the X-Men is made from wealth, literally. She can turn into a living diamond. Of course it’s hard to place a value on something you can’t really sell without dying, so where does her wealth really come from? She inherited it from daddy. But just like Paris Hilton, this spoiled socialite grew her fortune by rubbing shoulders with other rich people. Unlike Paris, Emma can read into people’s minds. She uses this ability like an inside trader who can’t get caught, thus amassing a fortune through her wise investments. One would think that she could make more than $11 billion as an investor with all this foreknowledge. After all, Warren Buffett has no mind powers and he is worth six times more.

#3 Smaug: The Hobbit – $54.1 Billion

His fortune is surprisingly small. After all, one can swim in the gold he keeps in his lair. Even Fort Knox can’t compare to the treasures he has. It’s not just gold, but jewels and expensive works of art made of precious metals. According to Forbes, everyone who tries to assess his wealth dies, so one must be conservative when estimating his net worth. He is a reptile not to be trusted, initially complimenting those who visit the appropriately called Lonely Mountain, before burning them alive the moment his bipolar personality turns to anger. He lends new meaning to keeping your funds under your mattress. If only he could trust banks, his fortune could be so much bigger through wise investments. Then again, the banks could fail and poof goes the money. He has more than enough as it is.

#2 Lex Luthor: DC Comics – $75 Billion

Everyone knows who this guy is, even those who don’t read comic books. He is the arch nemesis of the Man of Steel, the mightiest yet one of the poorest of all superheroes. It’s always a battle between the poor working class Joe, and the rich maniacal monster when these two meet. Where does he get his wealth? Lex used his money and natural genius to create the multinational corporation “LexCorp”. Some projects include airplanes and other high-tech items.

#1 Victor Von Doom (Doctor Doom): Marvel Comics

– $100 Billion

Victor was born to a gypsy sorceress in Latveria, a fictitious country carved from Hungary. He grew up harnessing his magic and enriching his mind. He got a scholarship to Empire University in NYC, thus molding his scientific knowledge. Eventually, he went back to his home country, ousted the king and ruled it with an iron fist. As long as his citizens fell in line he was good to them, using his brain to create wonderful things that improved life for all. Disobey him and you died or worse. His fortune comes from the fact he practically owns the country, a time machine and a bunch of robots.

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