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Stan Lee is the name which is heard by almost every person in the world. He is the creator of Marvel Comics and the undoubtedly the father of all the superheroes which belong not only to the Marvel but some of the DC characters as well. He born on 28th of December 1922 and now he is 94 years old and still very healthy and may God give him a long life. In the journey of 94 years, there are a lot of facts about his life that can amaze us. A person with no haters and loved by all. There are some interesting facts about his life.

1) His original name is Stanley Martin Lieber. He uses his pen name Stan Lee because he was saving his name for a great novel according to him one day he’d be writing a great comic and he would use his original name. He did not want to use his name for the silly little comics. But after a long time, his pen name become more famous than his original name.

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2)His first job was to write obituaries for the National Tuberculosis Center.

3) He also served army during the second world war. He worked from 1942 till the end of the war in 1945. He served in the Army as a part of the Sigan Corps. His job was to write manuals, writing the scripts of the training films writing the slogans for encouraging the soldiers. He was one of the nine people who was listed as “playwrights”.

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4) For many people, he could be the best writer but his favorite writers are William Shakspeare, H.G Wells, Mark Twain, Stephen King, Charles Dickens, Arthur Canon Doyle.

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5)In 1998 Stan Lee signed a lifetime deal with Marvel Enterprises. The contract only requires that he must spend only 10% of his time with the company.

6) We all know that Stan Lee has cameo roles in almost all the Marvel movie but do you know that it is the part of the contract that he must appear in the movie which is based on his created superhero.

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7) Stan Lee is not just limited to the Marvel his connection with DC Comics is also interesting. He also launched comic books with DC. He reimagined many popular DC characters including Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman. Just Imagine is a comic book published by DC Comics which was written by Stan Lee and published on November 2001. His favorite DC character is “Lobo”

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8) Stan Lee awarded with the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame, Jack Kirby was the man with whom Stan Lee created the Black Panther. In 2008 he was awarded the “American National Medal of the Arts”.

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