Captain Marvel has been introduced to us in Marvel Cinematic Universe by the post-credits of Avengers Infinity war. That scene gave some hope to the fans that someone could bring back everything to normal once again.

Captain Marvel

Why should we be excited about Captain Marvel?

There are two MCU movies before Avengers 4, first is “Antman and the Wasp” and second is “Captain Marvel”. Avengers Infinity war has already given enough hype to Captain Marvel. Not to mention there are so many rumors in the air but we are gonna talk about the star cast of Captain Marvel and a little storyline of the movie.

So before you read further: [Spoiler alert!]

First, we were thinking that the Captain Marvel’s origin story will start from the 1990s but according to the recent rumors the story will start from 1980s. It has been known for a while now, that Mckenna Grace (child actor from the movie Gifted) was announced for an undisclosed role in Captain Marvel. Kevin Feige has earlier stated that Captain Marvel will have the most amazing origin story that the audience have ever seen. Well, that is a big claim.

Mckenna Grace

People were speculating that she might play the role of the young superfan of Captain Marvel, Kit Harrington. But recently, it’s been confirmed that she would be playing the role of young Carol Danvers(Captain Marvel). There are news about the movie that four-time Oscar nominee Annette Bening also joined the cast, most probably for the role of her mother. Kenneth Mitchell will play the role of Joe Denver and flashback with young Carol.

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Comic to Cinematic Universe

In the comics, Carol’s relationship with her father was the main driving force in her to join the Air Force. Her father was not exactly supportive in the comics. Now, it will be very interesting to see that how the MCU version of Joe Denver will affect the potential strongest superhero of all time. Other characters who are going to appear in Captain Marvel are Jude Marvel, Agent Coulson, Lee Pace as Accuser.  The most interesting thing that Samuel Jackson will return as younger Nick Fury.

What Kevin Feige said:

In an interview with Variety, Kevin Feige said that we will see a different side of Nick Fury. The movie Captain Marvel will also be the side story of the character Nick Fury, that how he formed the S.H.I.E.L.D and probably we will see Nick Fury with two eyes.

Samuel Jackson


Marvel’s Producer Nate Moore in an interview with Cinema Blend, said the movie will subvert the typical origin movie format. He meant the cliche of how a character has some kind of problem. Then they get superpowers, later realizing their power. Eventually, they come to know that there is a villain with the same powers.

He added,”we are able to tell this story structurally in a way that will feel unexpectable and hopefully will keep audiences off balance.”

Fans are eagerly waiting for Captain Marvel’s origin movie. Not to mention excited for the story of Nick Fury as well.


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