Something Bad is Going to Happen to Vegeta [CONFIRMED]


Dragon Ball super has been trying to make up for the one episode we missed today. Spoilers have been coming part by part for the last few weeks. and the news which hit the market just last day blew my mind we will cover it in this article to the fullest. The fact here is that Vegeta is going to have a really unfortunate time.

We have already got the information of the name and the scans of episode 107 and 108, but if you haven’t read it yet here’s the translations. I will cover the episode 108 in the coming article but let’s focus on what’s more of a importance. 

Episode 107 Revnge “F”! A cunning trap has been laid?! More than half of the fighters have been eliminated from the “tournament of power” and two universes have been erased. Ok here’s the big one! while the fight for survival continues, frost aims for an opportunityto get revenge on vegeta, Frost seemed to have successfully sealed vegeta using the Mafuba that Master Roshi aimed at Magetta! Things are getting tense yes, but did we expect this? Not in our wildest dreams.

The theory of elimation was given air when Tien was eliminated last week. Two universes have been eliminated and Dragon Ball Super is trying their best to keep the show entertaining and keeps adding these twists. Yes, people would already start commenting about the elimination theory but the scans does not say that there will be an episode that Vegeta will be eliminated Mafuba is a energy consuming technique and if Frost does it on someone as strong as Vegeta he must have been drained. May be this time not all the energy would have come from Frost given, Master Roshi was actually the one who would initiate the attack, that explains he being almost dead in the preview.

Frost is one of the most shady character from universe 6. The Revenge “F” is the revenge of Frost who was eliminated by Vegeta in the universe 6 v universe 7 tournament. Though we couldn’t have imagined that Frost could ever stand a chance while fighting anyone in the God league not to mention Vegeta has grown way stronger than when Frost first met him. Keeping in mind the Saiyan biology, fighting against Zamasu would really have pushed his limits. Mafuba is a technique which has been used by weaker oppornents to actually seal and defeat way more stronger guys. A example would be the Black Goku arc.

Previously we had the information that Frost has a way to deflect the mafuba but it seems Master Roshi was not really using the Mafuba on Frost rather he was trying it on Megetta! We have seen Vegeta stugle with Magetaa. Yes I know everyone of you feels this arc has not been just fair when it comes to distribution of power but may be Vegeta just doesn’t want to get into full burst right now. We got the information that Magetta would actually be talked by Master Roshi and Roshi is going to use Mafuba on him. I personally think Vegeta is in a big trubble even before Frost deflects the Mafuba and technically Roshi captures Vegeta into the small bottle. Vegeta could be freed quite easily if Frost does not throw out Vegeta immidiately but that will not be the case. I say that because the last thing Dragon Ball Super wants is to annoy Vegeta’s fans. This might seem biased but I would personally root for Vegeta any day over Goku.

We don’t have any mention about Vegeta in ep.108 scans nor in the news of ep.109, it could be that it’s just a mere coincidence or I am speculating here, Vegeta would be trapped for a couple of episodes there. This could make a nice reason to show how angry he will get and ergo stronger he will get.


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