10 Reasons We Love Tony Stark. [UPDATED]


10 Reasons Out of Infinite to Love Tony Stark

No one will disagree if I say that Tony Stark is the coolest and the most loved character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tony Stark is the character which gave an opportunity to Robert Downy Jr. to restore his life.

Ther are more than thousands of reason to love Tony Stark but I came with 10 reasons why to love Iron man aka the Tony Stark.

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1)Batman is the Only Billionaire 

Everyone knows that Bruce Wyne is a billionaire with the net worth of  9.2 billion dollars. But how many of you know that  Tony Stark is far richer that Bruce Wyne with the net worth of $12.4 billion. Now you can say that you favorite Iron man is the Richest.

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2) A Resourceful Super Heroes.

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Here we want to remind you that how Tony Stark created his first armor. He has made his first armor in the cave of Afganistan under the constant surveillance and threat of terrorists. He not just made them fool but send them into hell as well. That’s why if we say that he is the most resourceful superhero then we are wrong.

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3) He Managed to Stop The Incredible Hulk

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This time we are talking about the Avengers: Age of Ultron when the Incredible Hulk lost his coolness Africa and no other Avenger was able to help him because of Scarlett Witch. The iron man used the Hulk Buster to stop Hulk. After a long battle somehow he managed to cool down the Hulk. Yeah I know it was too difficult for him but he did it.

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Tony Stark is not just a billionaire and genius but he is sarcastically funny as well. Whi can forget is reply ” We have Hulk” to Loki when he was talking about his alien army. We all love Iron Man for his funny way of talking.

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5)They Hired Right Guy for Tony Stark.

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I am not the only guy who thinks that no one could be as fit as Robert Downy Jr fit for the Tony Stark. Half of the world know Robert Downy Jr as the Tony Stark. Yeah, Tony Stark is More famous than Robert Downy Jr if it does not prove me wrong. He was born to play the role of Iron man. It’s not just here many people claim that now the Tony stark in Comics and animation is inspired by the Robert Downy Jr.

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We all know that the fearlessness of Tony Stark. He never step back. He is committed to his work. How can anyone forget that what he did in Avengers when a nuclear bomb was about to hit NewYork city, he did not care about his life and entered inside the wormhole to throw the missile outside the Earth.

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What can you comment about a person who created Arc reactor in a cave. Created JARVIS, ULTRON, invented a new element in the home with the help of his father’s notes. No doubt he is as Genius as Doctor Strange. He can learn new thing in a very short period of time. He is smart he is the genius he is Tony Stark…

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8) His advanced technology of Life Support System

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When he was injured in Afganistan he created a life supporting system to maintain his heart beat. His technology was far more advanced than the current life supporting system. As smart of a businessman as Stark is, you’d think he would have marketed this ingenious device. Think of how it would revolutionize heart transplants and life support!

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9) His Moustache

Unlike the other superheroes Tony Stark is famous not just because of his extraordinary ability but he also famous for his style as well. His moustache is his symbol his royalty, it’s unique. Every Iron man fan wants to keep his moustache to set like him.

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10)Because He is Iron man 

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People love Robert Downy Jr, Tony Stark, Iron Man. He is one of the most lovable charachter of Avenger. He is genius, billionair, Playboy and philanthropist.


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