One Sentence Summary of Marvel Movies 


One Sentence Summary of Marvel Movies 

1: ⁠⁠⁠Narciscistic weapons manufacturer realizes weapons are dangerous and that he alone can be trusted with them.

2)Emotionally disturbed monster/scientist learns to channel his anger.

3)Narcissistic self-made weapon holds his ground that only he is to be trusted with all the weapons, but eventually learns it’s okay to let his buddy be a weapon too.
Entitled sky prince is taken down a notch.

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4)A really nice guy is given power and insists on doing the right thing.

5)Narcissistic self-made weapon, emotionally disturbed monster/scientist, entitled sky prince, really nice strong guy and the two of the best secret agents around work out their differences for a common good.

6)Narcissistic self-made weapon learns that the real weapon all along was his mind, and it is hurting the people he loves.

7)Overextended prince tries to prove his worthiness only to learn he would really rather not be king.

8)Really nice strong guy learns he’s been way too naive.

9)An immature space pirate, self-conscious genius bounty hunter, a sentient tree, and two vengeful warriors work toward a common good and discover they actually care about one another despite their differences.

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10)The narcissistic self-made weapon makes a narcissistic self-aware weapon that nearly destroys the world until several of his co-workers and he all creates a child together to help them stop their enemy.

11)The unaspiring burglar is persuaded to deal with some other guys problems.
Really nice guy insists on doing the right thing but it causes all his buddies to have to fight it out and they all know that the drama’s really about his BFF.

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12)An Arrogant doctor learns that there is so much more to the universe than he ever dreamed and does not rest until he is the foremost expert on all of it.
Immature space cowboy works out his daddy issues with the help of his adopted mercenary family.

13)Earnest teenager trying to prove his worth learns the only approval he needs is his own.

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I’m not really attached to any of these, so if you aren’t stoked on any of them please offer your own summary. I find it to be a fun game. 🙂

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1)Iron man(2008)

2)Incredible Hulk

3)Iron man 2 (2010)

4)Captain America: The First Avenger

5)Avengers (2012)

6)Iron man 3

7)Thor (2011)

8) Captain America: Winter Soldier

9)Guardian of Galaxy

10)Avengers Age of Ultron

11) Captain America: Civil War

12) Dr Strange

13) Spiderman: Homecoming.



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