Steve Rogers And Peggy “A Fan Art” Goes Viral

Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter

Marvel fans have been obsessing over the story of Steve Rogers aka Captain America in the upcoming Avengers4. A story that could be coming to its close. But whether or not Steve Rogers dies in Avengers 4. Oherwise MCU must chooses some other way to end his contract. But, fans have almost unanimously agreed that they want Cap to end up with reunited with his lost love, Peggy.

This post by @Ultraraw26 tells the whole story in one lovely image. There’s a fan theory gaining serious momentum that  Avengers4 will end with Steve dying, and his last moments will be seeing Peggy in that dance hall where they were promised to meet up. After War was won. Some fan theories point to Steve possibly choosing to use those avenues of time travel hinted at in Avengers 4. Transport himself in past to actually meet up with Peggy in that dance hall. And “retire” by living out his life with her.

Steve Rogers and Peggy


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