What does Thor’s new Avengers: Infinity War hammer’s name mean | The Stormbreaker.

I have no idea what you are doing here if you haven’t watched Avengers infinity war yet. I have the duty to tell you this article is full of spoilers for the movie. We will be talking about Thor’s new hammer the Stormbreaker in extensive details below.


Remember the day when Hela broke Mjolnir and the everyone watching it went numb? Yeah, it all adds up to Stormbreaker. The most powerful weapon in the hands of team Avengers. Let’s first break down what we get from the movie itself.

Stormbreaker the hammer/axe hybrid was acquired by Thor, Groot and Rocket at Nidavellir(I still don’t know how to pronounce this word), the dwarf forge and one of the Nine Realms of Norse mythology. The star surrounded by mechanical, Saturn-like rings – had fallen dark, and they discovered the place empty except for the dwarf king Eitri (Giant figure played by Peter Dinklage, who is well, a dwarf). This is seen in many scientific terms is a clear representation of a class 3 type civilization which can harness the power of its star.

Thor's entry

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Spoiler Alert, though if you haven’t watched the movie yet. You deserve it.

Thanos forced Eitri to forge his Infinity Gauntlet, repaying him by doing what he promised, letting him live. Well, he did slaughter all his people. Long story short, Our God of thunder, Thor was able to reignite the forge and Eitri created a new magical flying and burning weapon for him, Groot gave the Stormbreaker a hand – and thus was created a weapon for a true God. One fit for his battle with Thanos.

Thor with Groot and Rocket

Stormbreaker is a name with some history at Marvel. In the comics, it is a hammer created like Mjolnir by Thor’s father by Odin. It was wielded by Beta Ray Bill, who was an alien warrior judged to be as worthy as Thor. The hammer has a slightly different design, but all the same powers as its fellow counterpart.

Stormbreaker: Whose Weapon is This?

The revelation that Thor has a weapon named Stormbreaker is huge. Remember his amazing God-styled entry? but it also had us wondering whose weapon this will actually be. Well, we did a bit of digging and it turns out, the movie version of Stormbreaker has small mallet on one side and a large axe blade on the other.  It seems to reference another weapon linked to Thor in the comics, the axe Jarnbjorn, and its handle was provided by Thor’s new pal, Groot.

making of stonebreaker

This differs somewhat from the comic book version. Well, it is perhaps, mainly a hammer with a small cleaver-like blade on the backside. This version of Stormbreaker looks far more like the Ultimate Mjolnir than any other enchanted weapon we know about. so it’s more likely that Stormbreaker is an amalgamation of several different Asgardian weapons. May it be part-Ultimate Mjolnir? with the name Stormbreaker.




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