Tom Holland Just Revealed the Title of Next Spiderman Movie


We all know that Tom Holland aka Spiderman is very bad at keeping secrets, During the Infinity war Benedict Cumberbatch was assigned to stop him from spoiling the movie, and the magic of doctor strange did this very successfully.

Tom Holland just got the script of the next Spiderman and, he accidentally revealed the title of the movie. Yesterday Tom Holland posted a video on his Instagram account apologizing from the people that there is no any further information about the Spiderman 2 because he died in the Avengers but he recently got the script for the next Spiderman movie. And in doing so he accidentally showed the Full title of the movie. The full title of the Movie is Siderman: Far From Home. 

Watch out the video.

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Fans are not surprised after watching this because our Spiderman had spoiled Infinity war so many times, this is not the first time.

As we all know that spiderman died in Infinity War and Avengers 4 is expected to resurrect Peter Parker so he could play the role in the Spiderman: Far From Home.

So the big question is where the movie “far from home” might be? On the Earth or somewhere on the planet in the middle of the Universe. Since the movie will release after the infinity war, so there is a high probability that movie might take place outside the Earth. Or he is just pranking us because we all are hungry for the details. Everything will be cleared soon.

So there is a high probability that the next movie will be named as Spiderman: Far From Home and the movie is going to release next year 5th of July 2019 after Avengers 4.

So friends what do you think about the Title of the movie and the Spoiler-man? let’s discuss.


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