Explanation By A Fan: How Snap Of Thanos Worked. 

Thanos In Wakanda

A Reddit User Jester651 explains that what was the role of each Infinity stones behind the Snap of Thanos. This Fan Theory so accurate that it got Reddit trending, you will definitely love it. So, without wasting any time lets start the theory. If you want to add something then feel free to comment.

The Power Stone

Power Stone
Power Stone In Guardians of Galaxy

Power Stone supplied the Power to Snap of Thanos to Achieve such a Feat. The Power Stone amplifies its sister stones allowing Thanos to affect all existence.

The Space Stone

Loki With Space Stone
Loki With Tesseract in Infinity War

Space Stone gives the power to reach anywhere in the space and the total control of space. The Space stone gave the power to erase half of the life across entire space.

The Reality Stone


The Reality Stone is the stone which can change Reality, create illusions. So basically it can change anything physically. So when Thanos snapped half of the universe became ash. It changed the reality that these beings were no longer exist.

The Soul Stone

Soul Stone
Fan Made Soul Stone Illustration

The User further theorized that Thanos only sought to erase life from the civilizations that he hadn’t already halved. That means the species like Asgardian, Xandarians and Gamora’s people would be spared. As Thanos already killed their half population. The Soul Stone is very important as this stone specifically seeks out all life across the universe, which life form will be erased.

The Time Stone

Time Stone
Time Stone

When Time Stone used Space stone as it made it instantaneous. As Thanos was able to affect all the space at the same time. At the instant, with the snap.

The Mind Stone

Mind Stone
Mind Stone

The Mind Stone links Thanos with the other 5 Stones and gave him greater control over them. With this greater control, he was able to use all the stone at the same time. In unison with the soul stone, allowed Thanos that which kind of life he wants to extinguish.



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