Don’t expect to see Captain Marvel trailer or promotional materials in the immediate future, according to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.

Captain marvel Trailer


Kevin Feige caught up with for an exclusive interview. It was a press event of Ant-Man and The Wasp‘s upcoming release. The fans out there seemed more excited for Captain Marvel compared to Antman and the Wasp.

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Where is all the news about Captian Marvel Trailer Coming from?

He revealed fans eager to get a look at Captain Marvel will be left waiting longer than some might have expected. This comes from the fact that, it will soon become the next movie in-line for release from the studio but they are “still figuring it out,” he says.

Captain Marvel Trailer

“I think there’s still a few months on it,” Feige said, Though it’s interesting to note here that the movie has reached near production completion.

“You already know as much as you need to,” Feige said of the film’s plot. “We’ve got Skrulls, we’ve got the Kree, it takes place in the 90s, you have Sam Jackson with two eyes and Carol Danvers, a unique telling of Carol Danvers origin story. We are about two weeks out from completion of principal photography.”

It looks like we’re still a few months from seeing the Captain Marvel trailer, which, if you think, does make sense. Trailers for films that are coming out in November and December are just now starting to drop online now. Captain Marvel doesn’t come out until March, which means that we could be a few months away from seeing the first footage of Brie Larson as Carol Danvers.

Still, those fans left desperately waiting for their official look at the Marvel heroine can take solace in a bright. We do one thing, Captain Marvel will have an important role in the future for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Feige dubs her role, along with other newcomers such as Black Panther, Spider-Man, and The Wasp as “very important, very important” to the franchise’s future.

He states”I mean, all of the things you’ve seen throughout Phases 1 and 2 and now through much of 3, the new characters always are important going forward in driving, shaping the future of the MCU,”

Feige said. “I think it would be amazing, another 10 years; another 20 films or so. We only focus on one step at a time but that’s all about continuing to surprise with the stories, go unexpected places, continue to play with new, fresh, unexpected genres and then introduce characters that people might have heard of or a beloved big fan base like Captain Marvel or characters like Guardians where before we made that, people had never even heard of them.”

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