Avengers 4 Rumors & Spoilers That’ve Already Leaked


Avengers 4 Rumors That Have Leaked by the Actors or Anonymously 

After Infinity War the Avengers 4 is one the most awaited movie right now. Since at many occasions, Infinity War was spoiled by the Actors so the director Joe and Anthony Russo requested Actors not to spoil the movie. But even after that, we learned so many spoilers about the Avengers 4. Some of the Rumours are from questionable resources, other is the slip-ups from marvel actors or even appeared in official Marvel publications. So here are some of them.

Time Travel

Now it’s not a secret and everybody knows that there will be involvement of the time travel in the Avengers 4. It’s really not a new rumor, heading to next.

Hawkeye And Ronin

There was a leaked pic of Hawkeye on the Black Costume that led people to speculate that he will become Ronin. This idea suggests that her family couldn’t survive in the Thanos crisis, and this led him to join Avengers again. Again its not a new rumor.

Tony Stark Builds His Own Infinity Gauntlet

Infinity war came with so many surprises and shocks that nobody could have possibly guessed them all. Yet an Anonymous Internet User 4Chan guessed them all. Including the fact that Red skull will back and Thanos will sacrifice more for the Soul Stone. Some People think that the User must have some internal linkages. It said that Ironman will reassemble all the Avengers and build his own Infinity Gauntlet to undo what Thanos did. They will recruit Ant-Man to travel into the time from the quantum realm to retrieve all the infinity stones from the different timeline. Thanos Finds about their plan and will try to stop them. The movie will revolve around the relationship between Captain America and the Ironman.

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Professor Hulk Will Wield Tony’s Gauntlet.

Professor Hulk ” Banner’s mind with Hulk’s body”. Since Ragnarok, there is an internal conflict between Hulk and Banner. Ultimately, the conflict will ultimately result in merging the two personalities to Professor Hulk. That will make him mature enough to use the Infinity Gauntlet and undo everything. But in doing so Hulk will lose his one arm.

Death of Steve Rogers

Death of Steve is rumored and anticipated for a long time. And the fact is Chris Evans contract is up with Marvel and now he wants to focus on other things. So again 4Chan has claimed that Steve Rogers will die in Avengers 4. He explained that Thor and Captain America will fight against the mad Titan and interestingly Captain will wield the Mjolnir because of the Time alteration. And while fighting with Thanos Captain will die.

Ironman Has a Kid

In an interview for the official Avengers Paltrow revealed that Pepper Potts is destined to become the mother of Stark’s child. This child will birth at the end of the Avengers 4. Most probably, they will name their child Steve to tribute Captain America.

Group Shot

In April 2018 Sebastian Stan accidentally dropped a spoiler and said,” There was one scene, I think, we had where everybody was there, I can’t really talk about that scene. But I knew it took almost 3 months in planning this scene to have everybody there. You look around and everyone from Samuel L Jackson to Michael Douglas everybody was there.”

He is not the only one who revealed about this scene, Scarlett Johansson had already revealed that in an interview.

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Did Zoe Saldana Spoil the Title?

The title of the Avengers 4 is kept secret till date from the audience. But clearly, It cannot be protected from the slip-ups of the actors. In a red carpet event, Zoe Saladan said Infinity war is the first part and we all have to go back for the Gauntlet later this year.

Gunn told that she simply had her wire crossed. “It’s not the title, my guess is that Zoe just misspoke. I will talk to Zoe today.

I don’t know if above-mentioned theories are true or not but this is really a fabulous storyline. What do you think guys let us know in the comment box.




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