5 Huge Marvel Movies Mysteries That Are Still Unsolved & Unexplained!

Marvel Movies Mysteries
Infinity Gauntelt, From Movie Thor Ragnarok


Marvel Movies known for its vast detail and mysteries, even the silliest thing has a reason to happen. Because of this level of detailing Marvel Movies became biggest movie franchise of all time. This level of detailing was the main reason that why Infinity War rules the world. Although, this much level of details leaves so many mysteries behind them. Here we will discuss 5 huge Marvel Mysteries that are still unsolved.

Why Would Bucky Recognize Black Widow 

Black Widow and Bucky
Black Widow tries to remind Bucky about her.

Of course, Natasha Romanoff has a top secret life and we know very less about her past. All secret will reveal in here solo movie. But here is secret about Bucky and Black Widow. Bucky and Black Widow were fighting each other in Civil War. In that scene, Natasha questioned that why he doesn’t recognize her when she was chocking. This isn’t just matter of recalling them fighting in Winter Soldier, it’s just more than that. Probably we will see them together in Black Widow’s solo movie.

The Other Side of The Tesseract In Avengers

Tesseract Doorway
One side of Tesseract

Avengers 2012 is the 6th highest grossing movie of all time. We all loved that movie so much that it paved the way for a bright future of Marvel. Now, in the opening scene where SHIELD was examining the Tesseract and Eric Selvig explained Tesseract as a doorway capable of opening an intergalactic wormhole. Furthermore, he explained that tesseract needing someone else on the other side to make it work. But this doesn’t explain how Loki reached earth without having it, as it was not in his possession.

Where Is Lady Sif?

Lady Sif from Thor The Dark World
Lady Sif fighting in Vanaheim

In Ragnarok, Thor lost so many people and Asgard was destroyed by Surtur. In Infinity War Thor lost his remaining people. But still, there is no information about the Lady Sif. We haven’t seen her after “Thor the Dark World”. So here is a big question Where is she? As Russo Brothers confirm that she is alive but no one knows about her location.

Why Did Odin Have A Fake Gauntlet?

Hela with fake Gauntlet
Hela with fake Gauntlet in Odin’s vault

When Hela was inside Odin’s vault she pointed on the Infinity Gauntlet and said it is fake. But saying Fake isn’t just enough to explain why it was there. Thanks to the timeline established by the Marvel Movies and we know that the Real Gauntlet was forged after the fake one. Ok, it’s confusing it means that the fake one inspired the real one? We don’t know. But the question is still here. Why Odin had Fake Gauntlet?

The Last Guardian Easter Egg

James Gunn
James Gunn Director of Guardians of The Galaxy

Guardian of Galaxy is full of easter eggs as we know that James Gunn is master of hiding them. We have found so many easter eggs but according to the Director there is still one big easter egg is waiting to be found. One of the biggest Marvel Mysteries in front of our eyes but we cant see it. Damn you, James!




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