Avengers Theory: The top 5 most popular out there.

This article contains Spoilers for the Infinity War, so if you haven’t watched the movie close the window as soon as possible. Our pick for the top Avengers Theory coming right up!
The ending of the infinity war left us devastated as half of the characters died at the end of the movie. Now moving on from the heartbreaking ending lets discuss some theories about the infinity war that are crazy enough to be true.

1) Quantum Realm

Ant man quantum

‘The Ant-Man and the Wasp’ is to be released between Avengers 3 and Avengers 4. Most of the fans started scratching their heads, but now it’s starting to make sense because of the quantum realm. This Avengers Theory comes from Hank Pym’s words where she talks about the quantum realm. In the quantum, realm time doesn’t make sense. Which means its free from time. Probably in the Movie Ant-Man and the Wasp they will get to know about how they can use the Quantum realm to manipulate the time.

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2) Nebula


The next Avengers Theory is influenced by the end credit of the movie, it was shown that “Thanos will return”, as in the Infinity War Thanos has got what he wanted, he wiped out half of the universe and saw the sun rise on his planet. So here is the question, what role could possible he play? As we all found in Infinity war that Thanos was not a bad guy, for so many people he became a role model.

In the comic Nebula got the Infinity Gauntlet to get vengeance from Thanos, but after defeating him she gets corrupted by the powers of the Infinity Gauntlet. So in the movie, probably Thanos will join the hands with Avengers to defeat Nebula. This pic advocates this theory which might not be true.

3) Tony the Time Traveler

Avengers Theory

As we all know, that tony stark is not just genius but he is also a fast learner too. After meeting Doctor Strange now Tony knows that alternate universe, dimension and time exist. Now, with the help of wong and all the books at Kamartaaz Tony stark could be able to travel in time or dimensions. This Avengers Theory is also substantiated by the set photos of the Avengers 4 revealed the weird looking faces of the Avengers with the old costume.

set photos
We got the set pic of Tony Stark wearing “Cloak of Levitation”. This could be a part of the movie or just chilling out.

Tony Stark

4) Soul Theory

Little Gomora

To get the soul stone is was necessary to sacrifice the loved ones. But is it really love if you are willing to sacrifice it? as Gamora also said that it’s not a true love, before dying. So here is the Avengers Theory which suggests that the whole thing was a test that exists because someone with the bad intention could not get the Soul Stone. And all the dead are hanging in a pocket dimension called soul world. So in the Avengers 4, all the remaining Avengers will try to figure out how to get soul dimension. As Russo Brothers confirmed that Gamora is in the soul world, so she is also alive and will be rescued.

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5) Shuri


The last Avengers Theory comes from the fact that Infinity war showed us that Shuri is really intelligent. At some point even more than Tony and Banner. She studied the Vision and the mind stone. Thanks to her super tech now she can find out the mysteries behind the infinity stones. This could mean she could be able to find the way how to undo the effect of the snap.


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