Is Kilgrave Really Back?


After the announcement of Jessica Jones season 2 and release of some set images, it was revealed that ‘Kilgrave’ the baddy from the first season to return to the show for another season. We all loved David Tennant as Kilgrave and would be happy to see him onscreen again. But how is he coming back? Many theories since have been going around wondering how can he make a comeback, but the recent group of set images might just clear all our doubts. But before jumping to that let’s just go through all the possible theories that were pitched before and can possibly be true.


We all know Marvel has always been good at this, whether it was to bring Nick Fury, Loki or agent Coulson, with or without an explanation to how they survived. And after watching Iron Fist, we all know that to do this in Netflix universe won’t be hard at all since they now even have a full proof explanation to that. Although until now only ‘The Hand’ has been doing these kind of wonders and we still have to see the Defenders which is coming out tomorrow to see what will be the fate of ‘The Hand’ after it, it’s pretty sure that some part of this large, worldwide organisation will still remain active and can cause menace in the world.


We all know Kilgrave was experimented on, his parents did terrible things to him in childhood, and also later in the show he held his father to make him more powerful, so powerful that he can control people through his voice even through radio transmissions, and well, he was quite successful in that. Since this version of Kilgrave is not exactly the version of ‘Purple Man’ what we see in the comics (due to obvious reasons) those experiments might have given him a regenerative ability or a healing factor. Since the concept of healing isn’t any new to Marvel they can use it to bring back their old lad too.

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Experiment V2.0

Experiments going wrong have a long history with sci-fi stories. The best part, you never have to explain how did it happen. Another factor is the curiosity of men to understand the things that are beyond his imagination and capabilities. These two factors can play a vital role in bringing our ‘Purple Man’ back to the screen. What if the government or some mad scientist wanted to see what was in Kilgrave’s head that let him do such miraculous things, he’s experimenting on him, something goes horribly wrong and KABOOM! the cells of Kilgrave’s brain are active again and he’s back on his feet.

Not dead at all

What if he wasn’t dead at all in the first place? In Season 1 we learned that Jessica has grown immune to the pheromones or the viruses that Kilgrave’s body release and she is no longer in his control. And even after he increased his power ‘exponentially’ she was not at all affected by it. But what if this isn’t the case, what if she was getting controlled by him after the increment in his power but she just didn’t know that, and it was all Kilgrave’s plan all along which have to do something in S02 and he didn’t die at all. I know it will be a bummer to all the fans out there but it is a possibility.

The recent set images and reveal

The recent set images and another theory which has been out states that he isn’t back from dead. He’s just still where he can create more mess- Jessica’s head. In Season 1 we saw how Jessica struggled through the series to forget her past and move on and to move Kilgrave away from her mind. Later when she snaps his neck, it seems that everything’s going to be fine now, ‘no more nightmares’ but maybe they didn’t end there.

If you take a careful look at this picture, Kilgrave is shouting at Malcolm but he isn’t even looking at him. Another thing is that this is a present scenario, most probably post Defenders, so the Dr. WHO actor won’t only appear in the flashbacks.

Malcolm is talking to Jessica but I don’t think he cares about how pissed Kilgrave is looking and considering how he affected him in the previous season, I would like to believe that Kilgrave not actually exists anymore. He’s just in Jessica’s mind messing with her.

You can see how horrified and broken Jessica looks in this shot. Although not looking at him she can feel his presence and feels extremely horrified by that fact.   What do you think of these theories, which one would you choose as the best, do share with us. Also, share this post with all you Marvel and Jessica Jones fans.


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