Did they just tease Green Lantern in Justice League with this?

  • Justice league is just 3 months away and the fans are eagerly waiting for it. This is the first time they will see this team on the silver screen since they debuted in 1960 in the #28 issue of The Brave and The Bold. But whether it’s the casting or the marketing one of the founding members of the league who hasn’t been officially announced as the part of the team is the Green Lantern. Although the recent San Diego Comic-Con trailer of Justice League did confirm their existence in the same universe (no lanterns here), but there has not been anything about the Guardian of the Sector of 2814 (Earth) rock solid, except a film in 2020.

But the eager fans and few teases by different league members (Cavil wearing Lantern T-shirts, Momoa showing GL in Hall H image etc.) have always kept the fans on the toe expecting him to make a special debut in the Justice League movie and finally uniting the SEVEN, and the recent trailer has divided the fans in two group, one with the opinion of Red cape at the  right bottom corner (Superman) and another with Green light in Alfred’s glasses. The fan castings are also one of the parts that keep ongoing around every now and then.


But a recent leak image might just give us a sigh of relief and reignite our belief that GL will be in Justice League.

Recently an image of Justice League soundtracks has surfaced. There are many things to notice in this but what caught the eyes of the fans is the track – UNITE THE SEVEN by IMAGINE DRAGONS. This gives us a clear idea that there will be a seventh member of the league joining them, maybe later in the movie. This track might play in the orange sky sequence inspired by the Justice League animated series, which definitely will make the fans go crazy.

Although there is no proof till now that this image is real or fake, this definitely gives us a lot of information. Things here to notice is that the track COME TOGETHER which was supposed to be by Junkie XL now has names of Curtis Mayfield and Godsmack, which can be explained since XL left the movie in June (or he was removed).

There is also a track named Resurrection which undoubtedly is supposed to be playing when Superman returns and is created by Kendrick Lamar and Skrillex.

What do you think about this image, is this real or fake? Also whats your stand on the appearance of Green Lantern in Justice League movie?


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