Intel X-series core i9: Can it really go 9 GHz?

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We have Intel x-series Core i9

We are getting news from Intel, That Intel will be soon launching their Intel X series core i9 processors. There will be a variant of the same ranging from 6 cores all the way to 18 core in their new launch list. This thing is going to be nothing less than a beast when it comes to computing power.

It is already playing jump rope with Moore’s law. Last year we had Intel giving us the first 10 core consumer processor which was said to be used for ‘Megatasking’ This year we have the Core X-series with the worlds’ first 18 Core i9-7980XE.

How much will Intel charge for these?

The beast of all the soon-to-be-launched processors 7980XE will be priced at $1999. Sure that’s a little too much to spend for just computing but I bet these won’t be something sitting on average desktops. Intel makes a claim that the core i9 will smash the AMD’s 16-core Tredripper CPU, which is widely known as the company’s best and the most powerful consumer processor for 2017. If 18 cores are just too much for you Intel has four more core i9 variants for you which range from $999 for the Core i9 7900X which comes with 10 core processor and 20 trends. The company has also announced 4 new remodelled core i7 which will be in between $242 to $599.

How Powerful is it?

Even the lower range of the X-series core i9, the 7900X is way too powerful than you can imagine. It has a 10 core processing unit, which has a base clock of 4.0 GHz and boosted clock speed of 4.5 GHz, and this when I am talking about the low-end Core i9. This comes with a 13.75MB of L3 cache. Though we don’t have any benchmarks for the new i9 7980XE which of course if the best of the series, experts say it could have a overclock speed of up to 8-9GHz! These processing units are capable of going for extreme VR task and can be tested for their heavy output. Some experts say it’s Intel’s strategy to take back the crown of processing units back from AMD. This summer we are seeing a heck of a core war coming.
X-series core i9

When is core i9  will be released?

The processing units 7900X and below will be out this June. Though the higher does not have a releasing date yet we expect them to be out in the month of August.
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