Important Things Revealed In Justice League Comic-Con Trailer


Important Things Revealed In Justice League Comic-Con Trailer

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The Justice League trailer breaking down the internet with its new trailer at San Diego comic-con and it didn’t disappoint fans as it was filled with new footage, hints and Easter Eggs. This will surely keep the fans busy until the movie comes out. And the promo has a pretty good timing with a run time of 4 minutes revealing some of the most prominent things making us super geared towards it. Here are 6 things we noticed from the trailer.

Advent of Steppenwolf

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Though Stephenwolf immediate impact isn’t actually shown but we can infer it from the trailer his shared metallic, semi-organic design in Steppenwolf’s armour and the Apokoliptian structure erected later in the film, we’re too frightened for Diana’s mother. His character is clearly groundbreaking with his commanding voice.

Diana’s predicament

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One of the scenes in which Diana is seen working in the archives of The Louvre in Wonder Woman helps shed some light on the question of whether or not Diana is actually fighting crime in the modern day when not at work. She is the restoring character who has been teased to be a bit shady and downhill and not forward facing in his approach. She had no idea how deadly could that be when we saw Wonder Woman movie introducing Diana to the weapons of mankind.

Man of steel was rendered alone

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It looks like Batman’s sneaky disappearance from the crime scene has left the masses to believe that the Man of Steel was indeed alone during the fight. A military funeral was given to Superman in Washington with an American flag draped over a black coffin hence gathering of citizens and the memorial of the first Man of Steel.

Bruce in a crime-fighting career

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Bruce Wayne in the trailer seems like pondering the cost of Superman’s loss to the world, and his role in it. He is a Batcave staring into the darkness of Superman laid out in his paranoia and fear buy it certainly doesn’t change how responsible he can be in his duty.


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