Fighter Remaining In The Tournament of Power


Fighter Remaining In The Tournament of Power

The intense fight of over 5 episode has left a lot of weak dummies out of the stage. We have two universes which are no more. Weakest two to be specific. The time remaining is 34 minutes or 70.7 Taks. We have 40 fighters who are still on the stage. Yes a lot of them are just dummies which will fill up the rest of the few episodes which are to come before the main climax. Some of the strongest fighters are definitely from universe 7. In this article, I won’t be able to cover all of them but surely the major ones.

Let’s begin with Goku as the hype about his new form is crazy. The preview we got of his form with his silver eyes was awesome.  he has eliminated 5 warriors and is surprisingly cooperative this season. Then we have Vegeta, though we have not seen a lot of his fights given that all the fights are happening simultaneously, He too has taken down 6 warriors on his basket.

We have the androids who also have fared well in the fight with a number 18 able to take down 4 warriors which are impressive on its own. Never seen on screen implied she defeated sorrel. She too has teamed up with Krillin to beat Shosa, a cooperative move on her side. Then we have Roselle who managed to eliminate himself after Freeza injured him. MAster Roshi has fair surprisingly well for an old man. He has taken down over 4 warriors who could have been a pain in the butt for most of the z fighters. He defeated Preecho with tien’s help. Krillin is one of the warriors who has been eliminated from universe 7 and that’s a sad part for us. He helped number 18 to stay alive in the fight so well, that was a good call. He was taken down by Frost and his dirty play. Hit the legendary assassin has taken down 2 warriors and it’s worth mentioning that the two were almost potentially impossible to beat. One of the coolest warriors ever!

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One warrior who has got my special attention is the knight of universe 2, Jimeze, he is a Yardrat and someone who can be hiding a lot in his sleeves. His race has given Goku the technique of Instant transmission. Piccolo is another participant who has not unleashed his full potential yet. He is to team up with Gohan in the climax. Number 17 is another cool person who comes from universe 7 has taken down over 2 great fighters. He used his amazing advantage of infinite stamina to over come the fighters of universe 2. Then we have Freeza who has eliminated over 5 fighters by his fear. The special thing about him is that Universe 2’s Love tactics do not work on him. Caulifla and Kale have earned their special mention given they have shown us transformation which was almost extinct from the series not to mention the one which was comparable to the legendary super Saiyan form of Brolly.

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