Electric Hammer:Clash of Clans Update[CONFIRMED]


Update Coming Soon!

Super Cell took a maintenance break a few days ago, and they possibly added few new stuff into the game and one of them is the ability of the battle machine called the Electric Hammer. Well, the ability will probably be a part of a much bigger update. It’s almost sure that the next update will be Builder’s Hall 6. We are not sure of builder hall 7 and 8 yet but eventually, we will see them too. We have discussed all the parts of the possible update added by supercell in our article make sure to check them out on our Facebook page GrayStar Media.

If you are in Builder hall level 5 then you already know how awesome the battle machine is. It is powerful and it can take a lot of hits too! Now supercell will soon be adding the Builders’ HallĀ 6 which probably will let us upgrade our battle machine too.

battle machine

What will be the Electric Hammer ability?

If you read the recently added tab to the battle machine it says, “The Battle Machine calls down an energizing bolt of lighting, recovering some health and making its next attack do increasing damage. After a time this ability recharges and can be used again!” So the first Electric hammer ability we are about to get comes in Level 10 of the Battle machine. We will be having a damage increase of 270. Though that will be just one blow every 14 seconds. We are speculating a major update in the defenses given the Battle Machine will recover 800 of it;’s health every 14 seconds.

Lighting hammer

Next thing people are wondering about is that will the ability be unlocked in Builder Hall 6 or will it take longer? So yes the electric hammer ability will be unlocking in BH6 and will increase subsequently in level 7 and 8. Each builder hall upgrade will give 5 level upgrade to the battle machine. Though the recharge time will remain fixed we expect level1 and level 3 to be the more massive upgrades to the lighting hammer ability.

What level will the battle machine max out?

There will be 3 upgrades to the lighting hammer the first one being unlocked in level 10 of the battle machine that means there will be a total of 20 level upgrades for the Battle machine. While the electric hammer ability increases in every 5 level. The battle machine will kinda be like the grand warden in the main base. 20 levels. Remember old good days?

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