Dragon Ball Super: Ep. 105 SPOILERS CONFIRMED!!


Dragon Ball Super SPOILERS AND a Dragon Ball Super One Piece Crossover? Goku vs Luffy or something else? PLUS, Super Saiyan Blue Goku in Dragon Ball FighterZ as well as Vegeta. Roshi vs Caway, Goku and Hit work together, and Universe 7 vs Universe 4! SO MUCH going on!

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We finally have the new form of Goku official. He looks amazing with those blue eyes. Make sure to check out our article on his new form which gives details about his league. There is another thing that came up just a few days ago. And this is going to be interesting. We have a one hour episode coming up real soon and I personally am pumped up because of that.

So a warning here ahead is the spoilers for episode 105. Let’s get straight into the scans here.

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“This Fall One Piece and Dragon Ball will have 1 hour special over 2 weeks. Key Visuals to be revealed next week. (Might be a crossover)!”

This is big news right here. and we could have a crossover! I speculate that it’s going to 1 week of One piece one hour show and the next week we will have a one hour Dragon ball super show. That’s just a speculation but we can almost safely assume that there is going to be a crossover, given it’s not the first time that One Piece will be crossed with Dragon ball. It has happened in past with the TV show and Manga too.

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I am excited for what could actually happen as the crossover.
ok, let’s take a look at the jump scans now for the episode 105.

Dragon Ball Super episode 105: “Brave Fight! Muten Roshi stakes his Life!!” August 27th.

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Master Roshi springs into action! The Turtle Hermit’s secret plan!?

So 105 could show us some of the action pack of Master Roshi. The other time that they mentioned Master Roshi, I personally was expecting a little more of him in action, not that I am complaining but it could have been better the last time.

The Tournament of Power enters its middle stage! The Turtle Hermit finally starts to move!!

So given there are only so many fighters left now, a lot of them don’t even have to fight the real fight, unless ep.105, which says it’s just a few fighters left and the bout is in its middle stage. But again, what is this secret plan? Will he try sacrificing something while they and universe 11 fight? This is really a thing to give a thought to.

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With Goku teaming up with Hit and Whatnot, the situation at the tournament of power changes moment to moment! Even the Turtle Germit, who’s been observing the battle and analyzing opponents since the match began now starts trading blows with universe 2’s warrior Caway!! At last, the Turtle Hermit puts his power into action!

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That’s a well self-explained scan there. We will see Caway¬†of universe 2 and Roshi fight and for a Human, he is an exceptionally skilled fighter and I am pretty sure he is not going down east. Caway is goint to exploit one weakness that Master Roshi has. Girls. Now she is going to seduce him or equivalent and this way the fight might just be a tough one for master Roshi.

The God of Destruction of universe 2 Quitela is someone who has been spying around into other universes and that explains the strategy of Caway. I am actually excited for the episode, given we will finally get to see Master Roshi fight his ugliest enemy. Ironical right?

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The Turtle Hermit Threw himself into a special training for the Tournamnet of power! The fruits of his training will now be revealed.

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The omni king and the other gods all watch over the outcome of the battles! Which universe will disappear next?!

Well, this is one thing every one of us is excited about. After universe 9 and 10 there is a fair chance that the Omni king is not kidding while he said he will erase the universes!

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Goku tries to go help the Turtle Hermit! but someone blocks his path, I am guessing it’s going to be one of universe 2’s members a weaker one but will fill up the task of slowing him down.

Quitela this week: Universe 4 attacks with sex appeal!

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The God of Destruction Quitela leads the universe 4! with the warrior Caway at the forefront, they use sex appeal against the Turtle Hermit!! The Turtle Hermit has always lived according to appetites of the flesh, But how will he react now!?



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