Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 Spoilers [CONFIRMED]


Dragon Ball super is raging on and we are to see a lot more of it in the coming likely 10 episodes. Even the spoilers are turning surprising! We have the preview for Dragon ball super episode 100. 

So here we go,

Dragon Ball Super episode 100: “Rampage! The Berserker Awakens!!” July 23rd

Though it seems very far, it’s just 2 weeks from now. Kale awakens!? The tournament of power gets thrown into chaos!!

With Krillin disqualified, Goku and the gang are now down to only nice people! Meanwhile, something strange is happening to the body of Coulifla’s Protege, the universe 6 warrior Kale!?

Caulifla This week: learning the method for transforming into Super Saiyan Blue?!

The Super Saiyan Caulifla witnesses firsthand the power of Blue! Moved by its strength, she asks her enemy Goku to teach her how to transform into it, but…?!

The fan theories suggest that the new form of Kale will be called the Super Saiyan Berserker! Though we don’t have an official name. It’s going to be similar to Broly’s unique transformation.

Major spoiler, she is going to take down few fighters from the stage before she is knocked off. She will be knocked off by Jiren. Yes we finally get to see Jiren use his power, we can’t call it his full potential, but it’s going to be easy to speculate his power level after we see him fight Kale. We all can agree to the fact Kale’s transformation is a bit powerful than ssj2 grade 5.

Krillin is disqualified, this could be due to two reason. He could have used the distructo disk and killed someone or he could have given the sun glasses to Android 18 which can be considered a violation of a rule. Well, the glasses can’t be considered a weapon so I find this unlikely.


The last part of the spoilers is strange given Caulifla is going to ask Goku to teach her to ascend to super Saiyan Blue but what?!

Do leave in the comment below what you think about this. Is there going to be a new transformation? What are your theories about it!?

Stay tuned for “Dragon Ball Super” spoilers, news, and updates. Share your thoughts about “Rampage! The Berserker Awakens!!” with us in the section below. “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 100 is scheduled to hit the airwaves on Sunday, July 23 on Fuji TV.

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