Boat Update and All About It! Clash of Clans

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Boat Update and All About It: Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans released their suspense filled boat to our base weeks ago and now we have the latest Captian’s log videos and it just turning awesome video after video. There is our hog rider saying a lot of stuff, could there be some clues in here? He was talking about meeting new friends. So are we looking at new troops?. He specifically talked about the skeletons, snacks by the campfire not to mention totally reinventing himself that is, being a new man named Chaz. And his new job? The hog rider is now a gardener. Am I reading too much between the lines? Probably yes. Supercell has not been releasing much of sneak peeks about the boat lately but there is one place you could go for some information So here’s the deal, we are sure that we are not getting any town hall 12 or level 13 wall. We also won’t be getting any new levels to the heroes. All said and then supercell released the first video of the shoar side. The hog wiz and barbarian wondering ‘how did they get here?’. The video tore up youtube with over 48 million views. That thing was trending everywhere in the world. The hype is real and we all are waiting what is ahead.

Let’s talk about the boat.

It’s broken to start with so obviously we need to fix the ship when the update comes out. This flying news about the ship was amoung the clash of clan fans worldwide, that they might get to see some use of the water and it is speculated that the ship will be used to gain extra resources. The leaks say that the boat would give you rewards each day, or at particular intervals, and they will include gems too. The rewards scale up and down with the level of town hall you are in.

What more? A new boat base!

Another thing about the boat update that is flying around, is we might also get a new water base. Yes, a brand new base! Are there going to be water wars? will there be ‘New Friends’ in the sea? I am really excited to find out. We have some leaks as on how the ship might look after that is built. There is a screenshot down below. There is basically a button that says ” change villages”. So now we can have multiple villages on one account is the speculation I am making here. This won’t be very experimental as many other games are doing it already. The first captain’s log said “A new land means new responsibilities” now summing all the info that we got here. This thing is pretty much confirmed. You can check that out and the other 2 logs released by supercell yourselves. boat base

Fan theories: Water base wars!

Another fan theory is about the water war base. With the new base, we could go to new events, different tournaments, attack different people with ships. Ships could mean having islands around, though I don’t expect that from supercell as it would make the game more complicated and admit it Clash of Clans was a success because of its simplicity over the other similar games. Some leaks say we would be able to participate in one on one battles and the new war base could be used in clan wars too. We haven’t seen a massive update by supercell for clash of clans for a while and every one of us are really expecting something that will blow our mind after all this hype.


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