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So Galactus is the famed devourer of worlds and is touted by none other than Stan Lee to be the most powerful being in the Marvel universe. Here’s a list of characters who have defeated Galactus! 

b648775d284b74c16fcc38c6c55c460c.jpg (877×912). Well, we are here today to see if that statement is really true is any one truly capable of taking down Galactus. Before we start who can defeat him we should know what Galactus abilities are. Galactus is empowered by the power cosmic and right here is where he gets all of his incredible ability from he is able to manipulate creation, matter, energy and basically all Universal sources. He can also erect nearly impenetrable force field projected devastating blasts of energy strong enough to blow planets and split them apart shoot lasers and get off radiation Galactus is capable opening worm hole hosts other dimensions transporting being across the universe reading minds from across the universe reconstructing or transmuting elements turning matter into energy and energy into matter manipulating elements on the periodic table, erasing memories manipulating souls healing living tissue or even resurrecting the dead so it’s safe to say that Galactus is insanely powerful so who could beat him??


Eternity came into existence when the universe was formed (along with Death, Oblivion, and Infinity) and spontaneously assumed the collective consciousness of all living things in the Universe. He is every living thing and every living thing is him; thus he controls everything in all plains of existence with the exception of the Living Tribunal, who maintains the cosmic balance of power. Eternity is the physical incarnation of time, whereas his sister Infinity represents space. Also, if Galactus ever does or does not exist, the opposite of Eternity, Abraxas, would come into being. Eternity is guarded by Captain Universe.

The origin and precise nature of the abstract being known as Eternity are unknown and unknowable. It is the sum total of the collective consciousness of all living things in the universe, the embodiment of their life as Death is the embodiment of the ending of that life.

Eternity is the embodiment of time and possesses within itself near-omnipotent cosmic powers. Eternity’s utilises Dimension of Manifestations to great M-Body (Manifestation Body) when interacting with physical begins. When merged with Infinity, Eternity possesses the combined power of the entire space/time continuum.

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Eternity in our list who can defeat Galactus without any problem.

2) Living Tribunal

The Living Tribunal is a vastly powerful humanoid cosmic entity who has existed as long as the universe itself. Its function is to safeguard the Multiverse (the total sum of all universes) from an imbalance of mystical forces. It may act to prevent one universe from amassing more power than any of the others, or from upsetting the cosmic balance in some way. The Tribunal may also act to prevent an overwhelming imbalance of good or evil within a universe. When a matter involves only one universe, the Tribunal may leave the final judgment to the “abstract” entities there (in Earth-616’s universe, Lord Chaos, and Master Order). The Living Tribunal doesn’t possess alternate counterparts, as there is only one Living Tribunal in the Multiverse. However, he does or can exist simultaneously in multiple planes of reality, giving the appearance of multiple variations to the human perception.

The Living Tribunal was the embodiment of the Marvel multiverse. It also stated that it represented a force that dwarfs the Infinity Gauntlet. Incalculable, though apparently not insofar as to oppose the Beyonders.

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3) Beyonder

The being known as the Beyonder is, in fact, a young member of an ancient otherworldly race known as the Beyonders. He was dragged to Earth by the super-villains geniuses group Intel by a tachyon beam meant to attract a Vibranium meteorite. The Beyonder is an immensely powerful extra-dimensional entity of disputed origin. Virtually omnipotent in his realm, the Beyonder has striven on occasion to be mankind’s both greatest saviour and enemy in his quests to understand human nature.
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4) One- Above-All

Apparently responsible for the existence of all life in the Multiverse and possibly beyond, the One-Above-All is the master and sole superior of the cosmic overseer and arbitrator known as the Living Tribunal, whose faces, embodying equity, vengeance and necessity respectively, are in perfect alignment with one another as it passes judgment.
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These are the characters who can defeat Galactus if you think I missed someone please comment below…


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