Everything About Captain Britain in 7 Points!


A Little Background

Brian Braddock AKA Captain Britain was a student assistant at the Darkmoor Research Centre when the criminal Reaver broke into the facility to steal its secrets. Attempting to flee, Braddock rushes his motorcycle off a cliff and lay near death. In a vision, Merlin the Magician and the Goddess of the Northern Skies appeared to him and bade him choose one of the mystic objects before him: the Amulet of Right or the Sword of Might. Braddock chose the amulet and was bombarded with mystical energy that granted him superhuman strength and stamina. The patron spirits decreed that Braddock would be Britain’s champion, and gifted him with a mystic star-scepter to enhance his fighting skills

Marvel has “discussed” bringing Captain Britain to the MCU, says Kevin Feige

Guardians of the Galaxy was proof that Marvel doesn’t need to stick to well-known superheroes in order to make a movie a success. So sooner or later, could we see a Captain Britain movie come to the MCU? Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has admitted that the character – aka British aristocrat Brian Braddock – has come up in conversation multiple times.


Whilst still new to being Captain Britain, Brian juggled his university course (studying physics) with some crime fighting on the side. After becoming more established due to stopping a string of bank robberies he was named “Britain’s first Super Hero”.

So here are 7 things you got to know about Captain Britain!

#7 He is not another Captain America

Considering the similarity in name, it might seem obvious that Captain Britain is simply an attempt to make another Captain America, creating a patriotic superhero for an audience across the Pond from New York.

While the idea behind the character may have been to create someone that would resonate with readers of Marvel UK’s comic books, the approach is completely different rather than being based on the New World ideals of an underdog rising up through the benefits of technology. Brian Braddock gains his super powers from the wizard Merlyn, and his abilities are tied to the legendary stories of myth and magic that exist in Britain’s history.

Brian Braddock gains his super powers from the wizard Merlyn, and his abilities are tied to the legendary stories of myth and magic that exist in Britain’s history.

#6 He can wield Excalibur

There’s no sense having clear references to Merlin and Arthurian legend without bringing in Excalibur. The magical sword presented to King Arthur by the Lady in the Lake which can only be carried by one who is worthy.

Though Captain Britain isn’t the only one worthy of the sword, In recent comics, Brian Braddock has passed the sword on to Faiza Hussein. The doctor who gains the superhuman ability to take apart and fix human bodies with her mind. At one point during the Age of Ultron comics event, Braddock even passes the full mantle of Captain Britain on to Hussein, in case Braddock dies at the hands of Ultron and his forces.

#5 Psylocke is his sister

Brian Braddock has two siblings: an older brother, Jamie, and a twin sister Elizabeth. Betsy Braddock, as she’s more commonly called, also has a distinguished career as a superhero. At one point taking up the mantle of Captain Britain when her brother rejects it. In addition to this, Betsy Braddock has worked as a charter air pilot and has had a distinguished modeling career.

Most notably, though, Betsy is known as the mutant superhero Psylocke and has been developing mutant psychic abilities, Betsy initially starts as a hero alongside her brother before joining the school for gifted youngsters under Professor Xavier.

#4 He can jump between Different Dimensions!

The original version of the Captain Britain origin story deals with a single hero created in a time of need; the expansion of the story during his 1980s reboot changes this, creating a more complex mythos around the character that focuses more on the Marvel Comics multiverse. Brian Braddock ultimately learns that every dimension has a Captain Britain, or a variation thereof. Which is tasked with protecting their world.

#3 He works with MI13

In his most recent incarnation, Captain Britain has been drafted into MI13, the military intelligence branch of the British secret service which deals with superhumans and the threats that they pose to the country. Alongside his teammates in MI13, Captain Britain has fought off a variety of threats, including an invasion of shapeshifting alien Skrulls who are determined to steal Britain’s magic, and an attack by Dracula, who is determined to claim the country for himself. MI13’s main team of agents is led by the mutant Pete Wisdom, and also features Spitfire, a World War II-era hero who is part vampire, and The Black Knight, an Avenger who fights with a cursed sword that attempts to persuade him to do evil.

#2 He was once Spiderman’s roommates

At the time that Captain Britain debuted, one of the most popular Marvel comics characters was Spider-Man. It, therefore, made perfect sense for Marvel UK to release a special comic series combining the two characters. In these comics run, Brian Braddock leaves the UK to study at Empire State University, and through an incredibly convenient coincidence, is assigned as a roommate to Peter Parker, better known as the Amazing Spider-Man. The two heroes butt heads a bit both in their superhero costumes and in their secret identities before Spidey and Captain Britain start to get along and work together to fight crime. During their time of training together as superheroes, Peter Parker figures out Captain Britain’s secret identity fairly easily (after all, how many tall, muscular blond British men are running around New York?) but Brian Braddock fails to see through Spider-Man’s guise.

#1 He has his own Superhero Academy

As the children of formerly wealthy British aristocrats, Brian Braddock and his siblings are in possession of a large mansion without any money to keep it operating. Many houses in similar states in Britain are turned into public attractions to maintain the funds to keep them operating, but Captain Britain has found a better use for Braddock Manor: the headquarters of Braddock Academy, a training ground for Britain’s best and brightest upcoming superheroes.

The Marvel universe is full of academies and schools for heroes in addition to the famous Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters, there exists the Avengers Initiative, which was founded to help young superheroes to develop their powers, and the Avengers Academy, which is designed to keep dangerous superhumans from making poor choices and becoming supervillains.

So what about his Strength Level?

When not clad in his strength-augmenting uniform. Captain Britain possesses the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and weight, who engages in regular exercise. When Brian touched the Amulet of Right he was instantly transformed into Captain Britain. This gave him super strength, stamina, and agility as well as manifested his staff that possessed the ability to create a force shield and project powerful energy blasts. With his strength augmented by his uniform, Captain Britain can lift (press) approximately 2 tons under optimal conditions. Captain Britain possesses a number of superhuman powers derived from his mystically enhanced uniform.

First, the uniform enhances his strength.

Second, the uniform enables him to fly. Captain Britain can fly at a maximum speed just under the speed of sound (770 miles per hour) for prolonged periods of time (until bodily fatigue requires him to rest).

Third, the uniform can erect mystical force fields at Captain Britain’s mental command. This force field is employed to protect him from atmospheric conditions while flying. It is strong enough to deflect a bazooka shell without deforming or rendering it wielder unconscious from the concussion. (Repeated blasts would weaken the field considerably, and eventually penetrate it. The uniform also enhances Captain Britain’s stamina and reflexes to superhuman levels.


Captain Britain wields Excalibur, the Sword of Might, forged in the fires of creation and tempered by the power of the universe. United with the Amulet of Right, Excalibur possesses the capacity to remake the cosmos. Both talismans of power formerly belonged to the god-wizard Merlin.


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