Can fruits actually be bad for you??


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Can fruits actually be bad for you??

All of us will be quite shocked when we will discover that some of our favourite fruits contain the sugar content equivalent to a can of soft drink.

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Check your mango intake

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Hot off the back of Summer, most Aussies are probably still reaping the benefits of mango season. However, eating too much of this tasty tropical treasure is not good. In fact, a mango can have 3 per cent MORE sugar than a can of cola. Oh, my…

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Fresh fruit isn’t always fresh

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you probably love to indulge in an orange juice with your brekky. Yet, oranges are often imported from around the world, and when they arrive in your fruit bowl they don’t have the same nutritional potency.

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“By the time you’re getting an orange that might have come from worlds another corner to other, there’s almost no Vitamin C to it, and that orange juice might be celebrating it’s the first year of the tree.

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Fruit is being grown to taste sweeter

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While traditionally, many stone fruits were smaller and sourer in taste, these qualities are being bred out by producers. Why? Because people prefer the sweeter taste. The problem? More sugar!

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Some greens are just water

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Vegetables are often praised for their high-nutritional contents. However, don’t think that lettuce in your salad is going to do much to improve your health. While it’s not bad for you, it’s really just water. The more bitter the green – the better!

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Colourful veggies are good news

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Finally, something positive! If you’ve been chowing down on sweet potato, carrot, pumpkin or beetroot – you can pat yourself on the back. The foods high in beta-keratin are nutrient-rich and great for your health! Added bonus: they’re great for anti-ageing purposes.

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Spice up your life

If there’s one food type you’re allowed to go crazy with, it’s herbs and spices! Ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne pepper – the list goes on! these vital ingredients are key to helping you digest and detox.

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