Base Designs: Troll Designs For Builder Hall!

builder hall troll base

Troll Bases Designs for Everyone!

Clash of Clans is back to life from the time it released the builder’s base. The gameplay is just freaking awesome. We all have wanted to make our base unbeatable and earn those rewards for winning the versus battles. Here we bring to you some troll bases which you can use in your base to make sure no one ever beats you! No matter which builder all you are in we got it all covered in this article. Do leave a like if you enjoyed this article and make sure to comment if you didn’t.

Sorry Builder Hall 2

Though there is not much you can do while you are in level two builder hall. A pro will tell you to defend your defences while you are in Builder Hall 2. This means keeping your defences in and other buildings out but in the range of your defence mechanism. There are only a few troll bases which I could make in builder hall 2 but do not get sad you will be in higher levels in no time. Basically, you still don’t have much to add and make a troll base but it’s pretty easy moving on to Builder Hall 3.

Builder Hall 3

You guys get a massive jump as you upgrade from builder hall 2 to builder hall 3, There are a lot of troll bases you can play with some of the examples are given below!

Check this beast out!


Somebody is going to be trolled


Builder Hall 4

Ok, now this is where things start turning amazing. Builder Hall 4 has so many things to play with. We also unlock the clock to boost stuff around. The best part of the base is the defence upgrade available. Honestly, I think the upgrades are a little overpowered but come on! we all enjoy it. Here are some cool base designs you can try.


Simply good.

Will get you your bonus. Everytime.

hall-4-base-layout-builder.jpg (748×597)


Builder Hall 5

We have the Hero! He is ruthless. Though there are not have much to add in as buildings here, but the upgrades are tremendous. Check out these bases. See if you can make one for yourself.


Mind blowing!

Will get you the gold!

Builder-Hall-5-Base-2017.png (578×450)


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