Barbarian Head: What’s in it?! Clash of Clans

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How many gems are there in the statue?

We all have this old barbarian head statue and don’t even try to pretend you never wondered what will you be getting to remove it. So here it is! We removed the old barbarian head and we got 4 gems. Yes, it’s disappointing. The gem count in the statue is in between 1 to 6 so well you don’t want to sell it that cheap. People have been claiming that they received up to a hundred gems and that’s probably fake. 

barbarian head

Should I keep the Barbarian head?

Though removing the status doesn’t pay off good, keeping it will give you 25 squares of tall grasses where the villagers frequently go and clap and sleep. In fact, if you add in an ancient barbarian head statue for an extra 250 gems you can grow up to 50 squares of tall grass and they look pretty good. Though if you sell the ancient statue you get just 25 gems back. There has to be some game inside the game here given the fact that you can everyone has this statue from the beginning of the game and the grass keeps coming back.

Some trips and tricks!

Ok, the tip for this article is that use the beta minions to destroy the outer builder and make your path into the main area. If you guys don’t know yet. We will be giving out tips and tricks with every article for enhancing your gameplay. Another thing you should remember while going for an air attack is that the baby dragons are the giants of air troops do not use them as your main troop rather use it to tank the defenses.

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A Landscape?

Well if there is one thing you can do with the statue is make it grow tall grasses and tell us how awesome of a creative freak you are! You shouldn’t plant the grass near the base as the troops can be planted there and they sneak in pretty easy to attack your base. you can leave your creative base picture and the best ones will feature in our page with a shout out to whomever it belongs!


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