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Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

Baahubali 2 (English: The One with Strong Arms) is an Indian epic historical fiction film under the direction of S. S. Rajamouli. The successor of Baahubali 1: The Beginning. Initially, both parts were jointly produced on a budget of  Rs.250 crore (2.5 billion), however, the budget of the last part was increased later. Baahubali 2: The Conclusion has made a business of Rs.1000 crore (10 billion) since it’s release. one of the highest records ever made in Indian filmmaking industry. The film was scheduled for a worldwide release on 28 April 2017. Baahubali 2 was the first Telugu film to be released in 4K High Definition format.

The Reviews have been great ever since the movie was out today.

As SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali 2, or the aptly named Baahubali: The Conclusion, the plot begins with a focus on why Raj mata Sivgami (Rammya Krishnan) chose Baahubali (Prabhas) over Bhalla Deva (Rana) as the future king of Mahishmati. Prabhas returns as Baahubali and Shiva, he is the ‘stay which extends from the maintop to the foot of the foremast of a sailing ship’ of the film. Rajamouli has been unambiguous about Prabhas’ commitment to the franchise and when you watch Baahubali 2, you realize that few could have done justice to the character like Prabhas did.

Baahubali 2

The actor is as expected brilliant portraying vulnerability and toughness with surprising ease and lends authentic  character display. He gets able support from Anushka Shetty as Devasena. The film revolves around the two of them and their performances are the film’s highlights.

For the question which the audience have been keeping up with for with for 5 years and the Hindi audience for 2 years, bated breath – why Kattappa did kill Bahubali? While we are not taking the risk of giving away any spoilers, we can assure you that Rajamouli dealt with it really tactfully. In fact, the film has two major twists and the Kattappa mystery is just one of them. Rajamouli, who also wrote the screenplay of the film, should be given a hats-off for handling the terms so amazingly and standing up to international standards.

According to trade analysts, the movie will out do its prequel and has already raked in around Rs 1,000 crore (gross worldwide) and is still way far from the verge of stoping. The opening day figure breached Rs 80 crore (gross). Reports said the film would be released in 9,000 screens worldwide, a record for an Indian film. While 6,500 screens will be from India, 1,400 screens have been spotted for the US and the remaining 1,100 for the rest of the globe. Now that is expected to get a revenue of over 1,500 crores. A record for any movie in history even in terms of expectation.
Bahubali 2 will not only be released in Teulgu, Hindi and Tamil, but also in German, Japanese, French and Chinese, besides English, we can clearly see how the predictions have skyrocketed.
“On BookMyShow: Tickets worth Rs 19 crore sold in advance booking in the US alone”
The movie has outperformed the expectation of the experts and also is about to break into the 1,500 Cr. list. Experts say it could be nominated for awards like best international film award and a far-fetched oscar
Okay now the movie does not run all good and no bad to begin with,

The film’s VFX are much-touted in terms of war scenes. After the

extremely impressive fare that we saw in Baahubali: The Beginning, the film’s special effects was a let-down of sorts, not that you won’t love it either way. The fight or action sequences have sort of disappointingly written and the climax was over hyped has an over-the-top quality to it.
In the end, one is left asking the question if this sequel was guaranteed good? Baahubali 2 is too long, the songs and background score is mediocre and the director has favoured gloss over content, which fails to hold the interest for long. never the less the excitement to know the answer to the question
‘Kattappa ne bahubali ko q mara?’ 
(Why Kattappa did kill Bahubali?) makes it up for all the flaws.
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