9 Things Only Clash of Clans Players Relate To


1) Your base is always the best. You are very proud of your village and would admire it every now and then.

You would even show it off to your friends or colleagues.

2) This screen would be on your phone at least 20 – 50 times a day.

While you are in the toilet, driving, eating, or even sleeping.

3) You get pissed if people call while you are attacking some base! 

4) Setting your alarm to wake up in the middle of the night just to attack or build your buildings is more important than waking up to go to work or school.

5) When someone attacks you base, you would be like Liam Neeson.

You will have your revenge and you will make them beg for mercy!

6) Age does not matter in this game. Even if you are 30, earning lots of money and have a family.

7) When you see this screen. Your heart skips a beat. You do not know how much resources you have lost. Or did the attack failed.


8) You are always looking for a festive season, because there would be a resources boost usually during festive season!

9) When you managed to get 3 stars from your enemy. You just want to brag to the world about it.


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