Gear Up Update: Clash of Clans



Gear up for the update! We all have seen the big may update in where the developer of Clash of Clans gave a new builder base with only one builder which was named as the master builder who can build the building faster than normal builders. The update consisted of some new troops and modified version of some existing troops. Some of us love this update while some of the hate as well. This update consists of some other things too which remained unnoticed. If you see carefully you can notice a builder boat, which allows the master builder of builder base to visit your main base and do some up gradation job. This process is named as GEAR-UP. What is this and how does it work.


G-up allow you to set your defensive building with a more damage-per-second point but with the shorter range.
G-up come only with for three building cannon, archer tower, and mortar. Cannon can be gear-upped into the double cannon. Archer tower’s gear up will available soon, gear up for is very obvious into multi-mortar. All you can gear up but for the shorter range. Here is a twist you can get geared up only one cannon, one mortar, and one archer tower so as to maintain the balance in Clash of clans.
gear up


To get the cannon geared up you must have level 4 double cannon in builder base and level 10 cannon in the main base, you can update only one cannon in the main base for the double cannon. The requirement for multi mortar in the main base is you must have at least level 8 mortar. Requirement gearing up for archer tower is still not disclosed.
After adding the builder base the clash of clan become more entertaining and addictive now people who declared clash of clans as a boring game now started playing.
SuperCell had this coming, and the update was pre-loaded in between the codes. It will be awesome to see the defences being made powerful, though this would mean we will be seeing some troop updates soon and make sure you read our article on the troop upgrade that’s coming soon. We have the night witch which is confirmed for the main base too!



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