8 Secret Powers that Mjolnir Has


8 Secret Powers that Mjolnir Has

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Thor is one of the oldest and strongest Superhero as he is a god from Norse mythology with golden hair. He is God of thunder. Today in marvel universe he is an Avenger and Superhero strong Superhero and does everything he can fly he can fight he can teleport he can control the weather and yes charming as hell. But beyond his super powers, his Mjolnir is also one of the strongest weapons in the Marvel universe. He is hiding too many secrets from us. What are these secrets, come-on read and find out.
And today we are here with 8 powers you didn’t know Mjolnir has…

1) It can travel through time.

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Beyond many super powers like controlling weather super fast and teleportation, it can actually travel through time but its ability to travel through time can only work if it’s in the hand of a Norse God. In fact, in many comics, Thor has fought with villains by travelling through time.

2) It Summons the Dead.

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Many of the secret powers of the Mjolnir is it can Summons the Dead people. Once when Captain America died during a fight the Thor could revive him but the problem was that Thor had already died in the fight. Now the Mjolnir did his job by reviving first Thor and then Captain America.

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3) It can detect a person, object or illusion.

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One of the another super cool ability of Mjolnir is it can destroy any illusion. So if Loki or Dr strange want to trick him with their magical powers. Mjolnir can easily break their magical spell with a lightning flash.

4) It can work as a movie projector

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It is one of the coolest features of Mjolnir that it can work as a live projector. It is very useful to show what is happening in the Asgard when he is not there. This ability of Mjolnir can be seen in so many times in the comic books when a mysterious light coming out from it and projecting what is happening in the Asgard.

5) It works as a translator for Thor.

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Do you know that Thor can speak each and every language of the universe which can only be possible because of Mjolnir. It’s helped him to communicate in every language of the universe.

6) It can Purge toxins from its user.

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Since Thor does not have a rapid metabolism like Captain America or healing powers like Wolverine so toxins can harm him not like a normal person but it can. It has happened so many times in comics that Mjolnir has Purge toxin from his body.

7) It can create new Superheroes.

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Besides of Superpowers another ability of Mjolnir that is can give Superpowers to anyone. This happened in a comic book The Invaders no 33. In the storyline Hitler wanted Thor to kill Stalin but the only problem was Union Jack. After that Union Jack was killed by Thor but when he realized that he did a mistake he revived him and eventually gave him Superpower to control the lighting.

8) It makes Thor immortal.

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Although Asgardians are not immortal the Thor become immortal because of Mjolnir. So Thor only can be killed when he does not has his hammer.


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