7 Times When IronMan Became a Villain


7 Times When IronMan Became a Villain

Iron man a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist has the most number of fans in Marvel Cinematic Universe. This character saved the world so many times that everyone just loves him because he is super cool super smart and most important self-made superhero if you missed our previous article click here. But there are lots of moment in marvel comics and even in Marvel cinematic universe when Iron man was actually a villain. Here we bring today the top 10 moment when Iron man was actually a villain.

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1)He Created A Prison For Superheroes

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We all know about superhero registration act in Civil War. When Captain America and his team denied accepting the superhero registration act Tony Stark started a war against them. Not just the war Tony Stark created a prison cell in the negative zone which was especially for the super powered being. He was criticized by his own teammates, but since he is Tony Stark he doesn’t care about anyone.

2) He kidnapped an Inhuman

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A college student Ulysses who has the ability to see the future was accepted by the Inhuman community but Tony Stark was in favour of that decision. In an accident, Tony Stark lost his friend. That incident was already predicted by Ulysses.

After that incident, he broke into the inhuman city and kidnapped the Ulysses and he tried to study about how his mind works. This step was stopped by his own teammates. His step was ridiculous.

3)When He was An Arm Dealer

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We all know about the Stark industry an arms manufacturing company. There is nothing wrong being arms manufacturing, but it’s wrong when your weapon starts using by the terrorists.

When he was kidnapped by the Terrorists in Afganistan he realised the problem and finally, he stopped manufacturing the weapons.

4) He Cloned the Thor

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During the Civil War Tony Stark cloned the Thor to show the world that the God of thunder is his side. When Tor visited Earth he got angry on Tony Stark about what he did in the Civil war. He strikes him with thunder so many times and said him that “you are a mortal and I am God of thunder you are nothing in front of me. Thor almost roasted him with lightning strikes.

5) When He let Himself be Evil

Once upon a time due to a magic spell a bunch of superhero and villains inverted their personality. They started doing exactly opposite from what they were doing before, for example, Deadpool became a pacifist and Dr Dooms wanted to establish democracy in Latveria. It was all happened because of a magic spell.

But in the case of Tony Stark, it was a moral inversion. He became a greedy capitalist who just wanted to earn money. He moved to San Fransisco he modified a virus into a drug which was accessible via a smartphone app and can make anyone beautiful, highly intelligent, in perfect health, and forever young. It was free for the first day but later it cost everyone $99.9 per day. We can say that since it was happened because of a magic spell so it was not his fault but later he stopped a magic spell by using a shield which could make him normal… so we can say this time it was his fault.

6)He Unmasked the Spiderman in Public

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We all know that Iron man is mentor of Spiderman. Once Peter’s home was destroyed by one of his enemies then Tony Stark offered them to live in the Stark tower. When Civil War broke down it was not a difficult task for Tony to make Peter sign the Superhero Registration act. After that Tony calls for a press conference and unmasks Peter in front of the press. Initially, he got public attention but then things got messed and this put the life of Aunt May into danger. It cost the marriage of Peter’s relationship with Mary Jane. So we can say that Tony Stark became a villain for him.

7)He Exiled Hulk from Earth

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Tony Stark co-founded the Illuminati. He called a secret meeting with Doctor Strange, Reed Richards, Professor X, Black Bolt, Namor, and Black Panther, a group met privately in Wakanda to save the world from evil powers. The shield pressured the Illuminaty to find the solution of Hulk after he decimated Las Vegas. So Tony Stark decided to put him a spaceship and send him away from the earth. Namor objected this because Hulk was his friend and further said that Hulk will come to the earth and will take revenge from us and his statement was correct.

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