7 Facts About Wolverine That You Surely Don’t know


7 Facts About Wolverine That You Surely Don’t know

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If I say “Wolverine is the most badass character of Marvel Universe” statement will be not incorrect. Hugh Jackman made the character live on the cinemas, Wolverine is the character with one of the highest fans following Superheroes, it has almost negligible haters. Today we come with the facts about the Wolverine Which probably you don’t know.


As we all the comic reader knows that Wolverine was not started as an independent comic. Wolverine first appeared in the comic The Incredible Hulk #180 as an enemy of The Incredible Hulk. When Hulk Crossed over into Canada, and the two ended up in a three-way battle with the Wendigo.

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Later Wolverine joined the X-Men and become famous in video game comics etc. But do you know that the creator of the Wolverine Len Wein earned just $350. Because due to the policy of Marvel comics according to which they automatically get all the right of any character which appears in the Marvel comics.


Hugh Jackman played the role of Wolverine in 9 movies. He is most likely forever be associated with the character. But do you know that he was not the first choice to play the role of the Wolverine. Hugh Jackman got this role at the last moment when Dougray Scott refused to play the role because he was busy in the shooting of Mission Impossible 2.

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Many people complain about the cameo role of the Wolverine. It was a short role when some young mutants were kidnapped by the William Stryker. Young Jean Grey helped him to get out of the prison and then Wolverine killed all the soldiers of Stryker which helped young mutants to escape.

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Initially, it was decided that Wolverine will lead the team of the young mutants but then it was said that he will overshadow the character of Mystic so Wolverine did a cameo.

4) Claws Actually Not A part of the body.

Wolverine has lots of cool super powers including enhanced senses and healing power but the coolest is the Claws… But you know the claws were initially not the part of his body. the creator of the Wolverine decided that he would somehow mutated and got his claws.

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5) Badger OR Wolverine

The creator of Wolverine was said to create a character who has potential to become famous in Canada. He has the option of two names Badger or Wolverine. He almost named him Badger but at the last moment, his name changed to the Wolverine. What do you think Baderg would be a good name?

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6) He Has Been Part of Almost Every Superhero Team

Wolverine is one oldest superhero in Marvel world. He has been part of more than 30 superheroes group. Including X-Men, fantastic four, the defenders. He was even the part of the Avengers.

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7)Logan Wayne, a.k.a. Dark Claw

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In the 90s there was a crossover between the DC comics and Marvel Comics they emerged the character of Wolverine and Batman named Logan Wayne a.k.a. Dark Claw. In the comics, Logan was Billionaire with super cool gadgets and loaded with Adamantium Claws. Same as Bruce Wayne Logan Wayne was also witnessed the death of his parents.




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