The Marvel/DC Universe has many powerful weapons that could eradicate existence as we know it. Thankfully, there have been true heroes to detain villains from taking over these weapons. Here are five of the most powerful weapons in comics:

#6 Cosmic Cube:

The Cosmic Cube was introduced in Captain America storyline called Tales of Suspense. It was created by Advanced Ideas Mechanics and is used to alter reality itself. Captain America villain Red Skull has an obsession with the Cosmic Cube, after it was taken away from him by the Captain. It is the ultimate source of power and can act like a portal in interspace travel.

#5 Mjolnir:

Mjolnir was created by the Norse God Odin to test his son’s worthiness. The great hammer has the inscription “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he is worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” Odin’s son started out with pride in his heart, but after his banishment to Earth to live as a mortal by his father, he finally claimed his worthiness to become the worthy owner of the mighty Hammer.

#4 White Lantern Ring:

The White Lantern Ring has all the powers of the other Lantern rings which would make it one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. It can control the Life Equation which makes it contain the power of life itself.

#3 Ultimate Nullifier:

The Ultimate Nullifier has been described as “the universe’s most devastating weapon”.As such, the Ultimate Nullifier has the ability to completely eliminate any target the wielder chooses, along with the user if his or her mind is not focused enough. In the hands of a being with an extremely powerful mind, the Ultimate Nullifier can destroy (or in conjunction recreate) entire timelines from beginning to end.

#2 Heart Of The Universe:

In the Marvel Universe, there has always been a balance between good and evil. When Death decided to bring back to life a whole bunch of superheroes from the dead, the rest of the universe became out of sync which led to the creation of the Heart of the Universe to counterbalance itself. The Heart was first possessed by an ancient pharaoh named Akhenaten. Thanos, along with Earth’s greatest heroes stop the pharaoh. Thanos, of course, ends up possessing The Heart but realized that it was much stronger than the Infinity Gauntlet.

#1 Infinity Gauntlet:

In Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos acquired all of the power gems (or soul gems as they were called) and took control over them using a gauntlet. Thanos had defeated all the Elders who guarded the gems in the mini-series Thanos quest. Thanos planned to use the Infinity Gauntlet to kill the entire universe for the sake of impressing Death. Unfortunately for him, the entire Marvel Universe was affected.






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