5 Reasons Marvel Legacy Is A Copy Of DC Rebirth


 5 Reasons Marvel Legacy Is A Copy Of DC Rebirth

DC Rebirth is bringing that legacy back. There has always been a parallelism between Marvel and DC but it’s the time that straight away points out that Marvel DC is a copy of DC Rebirth. Now lesser-known characters are getting the limelight along with replacing secret identities for some of the Marvel’s core superheroes. Initiatives have been taken to focus on some of the most classic characters. Whatever the case maybe this seems like a blatant rip-off right down to having a one shot to introduce the relaunch in order to keep their fans at the edge of the seat.

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Marvel announced Marvel Legacy, a relaunch and rebranding of its comic book line that will bring it back to basics and restore fan-favourite versions of characters such as Captain America, Iron Man and Thor to prominence after years of alternate incarnations.
DC’s New 52 initiative, that saw their book lineup explode with niche books like I, Vampire and Gotham Academy, slowly fizzled out. While the New 52 started off on a strong footing, over time fans grew disappointed that years worth of continuity was cast aside for a new, compressed timeline.

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Brushing up basics

It’s the time when heroes fighting bad guys with allies by their allies. Even the characters, for instance, X- Men and Inhumans who were supposed to sympathize with each other started fighting. Where optimism was the key rule in Marvel universe unlike DC, it has been observed that it’s been subdued and moving towards a dull zone.

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Mentor Bonding

So far, There are innumerable characters who have mentors to follow and legacies to uphold. Over at DC, Superman is regularly the best comic the company is putting out, in no small part due to the welcome addition of the father/son angle between Clark and Jon Kent. Similarly, Marvel is now showcasing characters coming together to train them for the next generation. Bruce Banner is coming together with Amadeus Cho to help him be a better Hulk just like Clint Barton is helping Kate Bishop push herself as Hawkeye.

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Marvel is changing a lot of their books to a numbering that includes all of the issues from the various series. which will see some titles reverting back to their original numbering as well as feature new threads from their newer characters. This includes the continuation of Jane Foster’s turn as Thor with a milestone story titled The Death of The Mighty Tho r (yay?), The Riri Williams centred Invincible Iron Man, Kamala Khan, aka Ms Marvel, titles and an obvious shot at FOX and The Fantastic Four with The Fantastic Three.  As well as DC longest running book got back to their original number which included Rebirth reverting Action Comics and Detective Comics.

Reverting Characters

It’s a common practice in comics to bring an important character back. With the advent of Secret Empire number 10, we can just say that they play a key role in the Marvel Universe. It seems likely that part of Marvel Legacy will mean returning Captain America to his heroic glory. However, after all of the terrible things Captain America has done as an agent of Hydra, it’s seems out of the blue that Marvel can easily redeem Steve Rogers as he is now but this gives characters inside the realm bestrewing nostalgic vibes as well as gives an audience new perspective in the comics to see how different the world is.


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