5 heartbreaking moment in Marve comics which made the audience cry.

Marvel movies are famous for its super fights between superheroes and supervillains. But it’s pretty obvious movie is not just about the action scenes. A perfect movie consists all type of emotions Marvel does it very perfectly, all the audience get emotionally connected with characters. We are coming here with some emotional scenes in Marvel where a superfan cried.

1) When Thor could not lift Mjolnir: Thor: 2012

Thor is one most loved character in the Marvel universe. We all love Chris Hemsworth as Thor. In his first individual movie, Thor lost his powers and sent to the earth as Odin wants to teach him a lesson. The scene where the Mjolnir was under the protection of SHIELD and Thor tried to lift Mjolnir, but he failed. That scene probably gave you goosebumps.

2) Death of Logan’s wife Kayla Sillverfox: Origin of Wolverine


Kayla-Sillverfox-x-men-origins-wolverine-33084133-500-375.jpg (500×375)
Logan aka the Wolverine may be he is not the most powerful but we love him most. The character of Logan was made for Hugh Jackman. In this movie, we lived wolverine’s life. The movie earned $372M worldwide. And the probably the most heartbreaking moment in the movie was the death of Kayla Silverfox. Imagine How bad is it that the dead body of your partner is in front of you but you don’t recognize her because you lost your memory…

3) Death of Professor­-X and Jean Grey: X-Men: The Last Stand

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X-Men Last Stand was one of the most expensive movies at the time of its release, with the budget of $210 M. its visual effects were created by 11 different companies. This movie’s end was not so good almost all the important mutants died or lost their special ability. The death of Professor X war so upsetting as he was killed by Jean Grey. And later Logan Killed the girl he loved to save many lives. It was really a heartbreaking moment.

4)Fight of Ironman against Captain America and Winter Soldier: Captain America: Civil War

Iron Man and Captain America both are the most loved character of Marvel movies and the leader of Avengers. It was really heartbreaking to see them fighting against each other. Iron Man wanted to kill Winter Soldier because he killed Tony Starks parents, and on the other hand Captain wants to save his life. Captain and Winter Soldier both fought against him Iron Man alone gave them a tough competition but at last, he lost. It was a very heartbreaking moment when the captain gave the last strike on his chest with the shield. At the end, Ironman said to Captain that he didn’t deserve the shield and captain left his shield there.

5)The Death of Wolverine:

In my opinion, the best Marvel movie maybe you don’t agree but you can’t deny that this movie is above the level of awesomeness. The death of Wolverine was the biggest heartbreaking moment for the Marvel movie. If you didn’t cry trust me you are heartless.

Because of obvious reasons, we couldn’t fit in all of the sad moments which probably made our heart weep. Comment below the scene you would have wanted to mention in the list. If you liked the article please like our Facebook page for more.


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