Evil Containment Wave To Be Back In The Survival Arc!


Dragon Ball Super has reused a number of once forgotten techniques throughout the series, God is back the black Goku arc we had Master Roshi’s Evil Containment Wave (Mafuba). This technique had previously not been seen since Dragon Ball.  From what Dragon Ball Super fans can see from the preview leading up to episode 105, it looks as if Master Roshi will attempt to use the old technique in the Tournament of Power. He is seen to keep a kind bottle down on the stage.

Though there is always a risk that the Grand Priest may find that to be a weapon and eliminate Master Roshi at once. The use of any weapon is not really allowed,  but there is one to notice Krillin’s shoe, which was actually more of a weapon than mafuba’s bottle.

Master Roshi looks as if he may struggle against a Universe 4 female warrior due to his perverted nature. This is despite him so far resisting his urges, largely due to his training with Paur back on earth leading up to the tournament.

If we look at the history of the attack, originally the user of the Evil Containment Wave died. That was for someone who was not even as close to the power level the fighters are encountering now. However, as the fighters in the Dragon Ball universe continued to get stronger they found a way to combat the death sentence which came with Mafuba. Although, Master Roshi isn’t as strong as some of the others and could still be risking his life while using the technique.

Roshi in episode 105 will be unleashing a powerful technique that will put his life in danger, with it being assumed that the technique Master Roshi attempts to use is the Evil Containment Wave. In the preview for the upcoming episode, fans can see Roshi placing a bottle below him, which could be the container he will use to seal the Universe 4 fighter within.

The Evil Containment Wave was invented by Master Roshi and Master Shen’s Master in Master Mutaito, Good old days. They used it to seal Demon King Piccolo. Roshi used the technique later in Dragon Ball as well against the Namekian when he returned. Both Mutaito and Roahi died after using it, however, there have been much more who have used it since and have not paid the ultimate price.


It’s the details you need to notice when dragon ball gives you stuff. The power level is something Master Roshi would never be able to match in the tournament of power so the only option he has is his amazing techniques.


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