Top 9 DC/Marvel Copy-Cats: Guess Who Came First?


With great power comes… Well, a lot of copies and no one is really behind in this game. Marvel and DC both have amazing characters that we love, but wait! are they first of their kind? Let’s look at our pick for ‘copy-cat’ Characters in Marvel and DC comics.

9. Deadpool / Deathstroke

Starting off the list, we got the merc with a mouth Deadpool and DC’s deadliest assassin Deathstroke the Terminator. Unlike most of the characters on this list, we know that Deadpool is a direct copy of Deathstroke. Slade Wilson arrived on shelves in the pages of the new teen titans in 1980 and WADE Wilson, entered the scene in 1991. His creator Rob Liefeld wanted to draw the terminator slade Wilson, but couldn’t so he created his own calling him Wade Wilson. Now depending on what source you are running with, Liefeld’s story can differ. But the definitive truth is that marvels Deadpool is extremely heavily inspired by DC’s Deathstroke.

8. Catwoman/Black Cat

In our number 8 slot, we got two female felines who are both a villain and sometimes a hero. Both being Love interest to their franchise hero, they both have expensive taste and are expert thieves. Even though they have to peek human abilities, they both do not have any super powers. Well, that’s not totally true. Cat woman may be a standard human but the black cat has an edge over her DC counterpart. Her probability field manipulation allows her to subliminally affect probability fields, which would cause improbable, though not impossible, events of back luck to occur to enemies within her line of sight. At first, this power of hers caused bad luck to all those around her but Over time, with the help of scientists, she has gained a strong control of this power to command when she deems fit.

But Catwoman will not be outshined. First appearing in 1940, Selena Kyle has almost 40 years of media presence before Felicia Hardy ever donned her cat themed outfit.

7. Hawkeye/Green Arrow

The Marvel marksman vs the emerald archer, these 2 masters of archery are the primary bow and arrow user of their respective franchise. But the basic arrows are not good enough when Barton and queen are both on teams with super powered heroes each having a guy with godlike powers. Because of this pressure, these 2 bowmen will never miss.

In his secret identity, he is Oliver Queen, living in star city as a wealthy playboy and billionaire industrialist turned outspoken socially progressive politician. What leads him to archery was the fact that he had to survive being alone on an abandoned island. With no other form of hunting tools, he taught himself the art of the bow and arrow. Returning to his city, the bows got a lot more completed as he uses them to fight crime.  First appeared in for fun comics #73, 1941, Arrow has since been on many teams, most prominently as a member of the justice league which is of its own argument, the mirror of marvels the avengers.

6. Aquaman/Namor

I was pretty sure going into this one that Namor came first, knowing that he was the original Marvel superhero, appearing way back in 1939’s Marvel Comics #1. Still, my curiosity got the best of me (as well as a small urge to stick it to DC), and I figure it’s time we call a spade a spade and name the True King of Atlantis. Aquaman first appeared in More Fun Comics #73, just 4 years later than the half-mutant, half-Atlantean Sub-Mariner, and has some very different, and a few comparable, abilities.

I’m not one to bash on Aquaman, as many are wont to do, and one look at his power set will tell you that a battle between these two royal bad-asses would be an epic one indeed. Namor is not one to take lightly either. They both certainly seem to have the whole “sad- bastard King sulking on a giant seashell” thing down to an art. Still, the crown goes to the more arrogant a**hole Atlantean in this match-up, King Namor himself.

5. Nova Corps / Green Lantern Corps

The Nova Core is an intergalactic military police force whose mission is to patrol the cosmos and tackle any space fairing baddie who threatens the safety of their jurisdiction. Gaining their powers of super speed, strength, flight and the ability to survive in the cold void of space for interstellar travel from a mysterious Nova force, members of the core have similar costume design with the exception of a few design differences to signify their rank.

4. Ultron/Brainiac 

These 2 mechanical super villains have plagued their respective universes in such a way that even death will not hold them down. Ultron and Brainiac benefit from an intelligence level so high that they can calculate many steps ahead of their target giving these 2 an advantage.  This intelligence also gives them knowledge and access to various alien and futuristic weaponry. Death has proven ineffective against these 2 mechanical menaces. We have seen the heroes victorious while Brainiac and Ultron are utterly destroyed. But their ability to transfer their consciousness into nearby tech makes it next to impossible to secure an everlasting victory against these 2. Even though the main AI might have been destroyed, a backup copy would be hidden somewhere only to one day come back and cause a smorgasbord of problems for our heroes.

Ultron and Brainiac have shown the ability to be a 1 man army. The size of their army will depend on how long they have to plan for their attack and on the available tech nearby. With enough time to prepare, their army can engulf an entire world. Brainiac has proven his ruthlessness in the pages of futures end. And Ultron, well he practically took over the present and the future while killing many heroes along the way.

So let’s take a look at their origins. Ultron was created by Hank Pym to help the world, but of course, he rebelled and has taken on a personal mission to destroy all of the mankind deeming humans as a virus that is killing the planet. Brainiac has gone through a few origins from green-skinned alien to a skeleton like android but my favorite origin is actually from the Superman animated series which depicts Brainiac as an AI from the planet Krypton.

So which mechanical maniac came first? Well if we keep to our previous trend, DC comics brought us one of the superman’s deadliest foe back in 1958. Marvel would come up with the consistently upgrading AI called Ultron 10 years later.

3. Xmen / Doom Patrol

Here’s a highly original concept: A group of misfit teenagers with strange and awesome powers faces supervillains and fights against bigotry and hate, led by a brilliant, compassionate hippie paraplegic.  Sounds great! But… it seems there are two of those teams, and we all know in this tournament there can be only one. So who are the First-Born Freaks? It looks like everyone’s favorite Marvel mutants are the losers here, having arrived just three months after The Doom Patrol debuted in June 1963.

This is awkward. I’m curious to know Stan Lee’s reasoning behind the “coincidence”. Or could it be that TheX-Men were created, but not published first; who knows? With this close of a finish, we’d have to ask the publishing houses themselves, and I doubt either side would admit to any swiping of details. By the way, the X-Men’s greatest adversaries are The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, whereas The Doom Patrol regularly battle The Brotherhood of Evil. Of course, anyone with taste can agree on the better property being the X-Men, which boasts a long history of topping monthly sales charts and a string of successful films. So once again, Marvel gets points for taking their stolen goods and polishing them up real nice, but to DC go the spoils this round.

2.Red Tornado/Vision

The idea of an autonomous android has been around for decades and has found its way into the world of comics. The red tornado would find him in DC comics and Marvel comics would lay claim to the vision.

Red Tornado debut 1968, mere 2 months later, the vision appeared in Avengers #57. The red tornado came first beating the vision by 2 months. Both androids debuted with a red art design. The red tornado would continue the red fashion trend but the vision has grown to pursue other color designs.

Their appearance at first mirror each other but these 2 has since grown their own unique look. But if you look closely, they still share a ton of cosmetic similarities such as their red skin, lengthy body and their desire to sport a cape.


The man of steel is arguably one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC universe. With this much fame comes with a lot of copycats and rip-offs. The last son of krypton’s origin is timeless and I would be wasting your time by going over it. So let’s jump right into some of the copycats for Superman.

The sentry is marvel’s answer to Superman if DC ever comes knocking. Created in 2000, Robert Reynolds aka the Sentry arrives on scene sporting an S symbol and has the powers of a hundred exploding suns under his fingertips.

Unlike superman’s alien heritage, the sentry is a human who injected himself with a serum giving him powers such as super speed, super strength, extremely heightened senses, and energy absorption. He can also redirect blasts out of his eyes and pretty much any body part he chooses. His blasts are not limited to solar energy which includes radiation, concussive and many more deadly beams meant to either stun or kill his target. Now here are the differences: Robert Reynolds is a struggling addict but while in his superhero form, he has a telepathic power so intense that he once whipped the memory of every person on the planet of knowledge regarding his existence. Take that Professor X. Reynolds suffers from the jackal and hyde syndrome where we see the sentry every so often losing to the void, his darker evil murderous villain side. O and he has a fancy looking cape.


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