4 MAJOR Clues that Grand Priest is EVIL!


Dragon Ball Super Theory Time! Hints the Grand Priest in Evil in Dragon Ball Super! Is The Grand Priest Evil? Are the angels evil in Dragon Ball Super? Are there Evil angels? Does the grand priest have a secret plan? What about there being evil angels in Dragon Ball Super? A Grand Priest Theory? An Angel Theory? A Dragon Ball Super Theory? Let’s discuss it today!

He decides all the rules for the tournament of power with Zeno!

As we know Zeno is a baby like character which makes the grand priest more like a babysitter. Now when the Tournament of power was being discussed. The rule was decided and a major portion of the rule must have come from the grand priest himself. He could have made it possible to make the destruction of all the universe just a thought and not an actual rule.

He spared his sons and daughters from destruction.

Now, this is not 100% but it could be that the grand priest convinced Zeno to leave out the angels from being destroyed after their respective universe get wiped out.

Future Trunks Timeline

We know that all the gods of destruction were killed because Black Goku killed the gods of creations. Now that made the angels inactive. However unlikely it seems, the grand priest must have been aware of this and he didn’t care or more likely had something else in mind. But then maybe because Goku called Zeno and wiped out everything. The plan that he had didn’t meet its fate.

Mojito’s Smile

This may be over analysis of the smile but, given the whole universe was wiped out and the angel and the grand priest both were happier than ever. This could mean something which we might call fishy.

Not that this is the first time we have got that look from the grand priest but still the more we get into the arc the vivid the chances of a conflict between the grand priest and someone “good” seems a possibility

What do you think guys? Is the grand priest evil? Or is there a surprise for us soon into the arc? Please leave a comment and like our page for more of interesting articles!






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