10 Marvel Superheroes Who Are More Powerful Than You Realize



When it comes to superheroes their powers and abilities are often exaggerated by their hardcore fans for example fans of the Hulk find it hard to believe that anybody can defeat him in spite of the fact that he is essentially just a really strong really durable guy who has been treated like a bug by characters from the truly upper echelon of the Marvel power scale however for all the overrated superheroes there are just as many who are underrated some characters have far more in their arsenal than what is generally believed whether it be in regards to the number of powers they possess or the levels of which their powers are on heroic scale and that’s what this Article is all about here are Marvel superheroes who are more powerful than you realize.


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For in no small part thanks to his appearances in the MCU everyone knows that Thor is incredibly powerful he’s strong durable he can fly he’s fast including being able to travel faster than light given enough time when he’s in space and can summon lightning using Mjolnir to strike his opponents down with an insanely powerful blast of electricity but few people know the true extent of his versatility.

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Thor has displayed a vast array of esoteric powers that include interdimensional travel weather manipulation time manipulation matter transmutation vortex breath regeneration of entire limbs matter manipulation and energy absorption he can also enter warrior madness mode which increases his strength and stamina tenfold and has a trio of incredibly powerful energy attacks called the God blast the thermal blast and the anti force.



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Deadpool is now well known to mainstream audiences thanks to his movie appearance in we don’t talk about that monstrosity of a version in x-men origins Wolverine as that really wasn’t Deadpool so most people are aware that he possesses a potent healing factor is an adept fighter and an expert marksman and can talk to his audience but there’s more to him than that the Merc with a mouth possesses a magic satchel that houses an unlimited supply of weapons and ammunition as well as a device that grants him teleportation powers and the ability to project all graphic disguises the extent of his fighting abilities often underestimated – as he’s actually an expert and multiple martial arts he was also cursed with true immortality by Thanos who was jealous of his relationship with mistress death.

The Invisible Woman

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The Invisible Woman you’ll probably be familiar with Sue Storm aka the Invisible Woman from – pretty awful Fantastic Four movie franchises but those versions of the character really didn’t show the full extent of her powers she could turn invisible turned other people and objects invisible and erect powerful energy fields but she does so much more than that in the comic books storm can create invisible energy constructs similar to those of DC’s Green Lantern’s as well as use her power to control and manipulate objects which essentially enables her to mimic telekinesis and flight the scale of her shielding can also be citywide she is also a highly competent martial artist and can handle herself extremely well in hand-to-hand combat having been trained by the likes of Iron Fist the thing and She-hulk.

Captain Britain

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Captain Britain when you think of Captain Britain it’s easy to imagine that he’s just Great Britain’s version of Captain America a super soldier enhanced the peak of human conditioning but he’s actually so much more powerful than a stateside namesake that it’s ridiculous Captain Britain also known as Brian Braddock is a superhuman thanks to the effects of magic rather than the effects of a serum and his super strong super fast super humanly durable can fly erect force fields and fire powerful concussive lots of energy from his body as a result the fight between him and Captain America wouldn’t even be close he simply operates on an entirely different level to Steve Rogers.


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Daredevil as you probably know thanks to his movie and far more impressive Netflix series is a blind superhero who as a consequence of his blindness has enhanced all of his other senses to superhuman levels he’s also an expert martial artist and is highly skilled with his billy club but there’s more to him than that although he isn’t actually a superhuman Daredevil is undoubtedly superhumanly strong in the comics he has done things like kick a police car door clean off its hinges and even effortlessly flip the limousine over using his own strength he has also dodged bullets making him impossibly fast and therefore a lot more powerful than most people realize.

Dr. strange

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As a sorcerer dr. strange often gets a lack of respect in comparison to other superheroes he doesn’t have the physical strength of Thor or the speed of Quicksilver so he gets underestimated but that’s very harsh and downright wrong because he’s more powerful than most strange possesses a huge array of powers including force field Direction telepathy and astral projection illusion casting dimensional travel and teleportation time manipulation telekinesis and an abundance of spells at his disposal including the likes of the crimson bands of Cyt Torak which can be used to restrain beings as physically strong as the Hulk in addition to his vast array of spells strange is also a master of martial arts he strengthens his magic abilities even further with powerful items like the cloak of levitation eye of aga motto and book of vishanti.


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Storm is something of a glass cannon while she has no notable durability to speak of her offensive capabilities are incredible probably a lot more so than you think particularly if you’re only familiar with her from the x-men movies the scale of her weather controlling powers is huge as well as basic weather control she can also control natural forces that include cosmic storms solar winds ocean currents and the electromagnetic field moreover she’s a highly skilled martial artist having been trained by the likes of Black Panther and Wolverine she’s also a highly competent marksman and possesses incredible magic potential thanks for a family history at one point she was even considered to be a viable candidate to host the consciousness of an avatar of eternity along with Doctor Strange.

The Silver Surfer

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It almost goes without saying that the Silver Surfer is powerful but very few people know just how powerful especially if the extent of their surfer knowledge comes solely from ‘s Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer in that movie he could fly he was fairly durable could face through objects heal others and fire energy blasts but that was about it in actual fact Silver Surfer can move and react faster than the speed of light kind of like the flash he can also cast illusions control gravity use telekinesis and telepathy possesses precognitive powers he travels through time erect force fields and possesses comic awareness and to be honest we could continue that list all day


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So most people sentry is just seen as a Superman analog but he is so much more than that in fact sentry could pummel DC’s flagship superhero into the ground for starters he is stronger and more durable than the Man of Steel he’s able to tear the God of War Ares himself in half and stop tear axes planet busting acts with a single casual arm but he is also far more versatile than being a mere physical brute he possesses incalculable energy manipulation powers matter transmutation powers that Trump those of molecule man massive telepathic capabilities and intangibility. Moreover, he can only die if he wishes it making him almost impossible to kill he’s arguably the most powerful Avenger to have ever existed.

Squirrel Girl

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Squirrel Girl aka Doreen Green is a mutant whose abilities are as simple as this on the face of it she can do things squirrels can do she has enhanced agility and senses a prehensile tail sharp claws and the ability to communicate with actual squirrels and she’s virtually unbeatable Squirrel Girl has defeated the likes of Dr. Doom Terrax MODOK Deadpool Giganto the Mandarin Pluto and even the Mad Titan himself Thanos as well as countless other powerful characters whether it be because she secretly possesses some kind of luck aura or probability manipulation powers there is definitely more to Squirrel Girl than meets the eye there simply has.


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