How Much It Would Cost to be Iron Man


How Much It Would Cost to be Iron Man

Ironman is the most successful and most loved character of Marvel franchise and yes most expensive too. In case if you don’t know Robert Downy Jr’s fees or infinity wars is $50 Million. In the Marvel World itself, Tony Stark is a billionaire, that is the reason that he can afford to become an Iron Man, and it’s pretty obvious that without money it was almost impossible to become Iron Man for Tony Stark. So it’s pretty obvious that billionaire is a necessary condition to become an Iron Man. So today in this article we will find out using real life statistic that how much will cost to become an Iron.

Stark’s Estate

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Tony Stark Lives in a luxurious Cliffside Manor in Malibu California and it is extraordinarily high tech. Malibu homes that so for about $75M. Now the Closest thing in the real world. Now the closest thing in the real world to Stark’s mansion will be Bill Gates home in Madina, Washington. It’s a huge house with similar voice-activated computers and underwater music system heated floors a private library and a 23 car garage. Insurance company valued this at $147 Million and let’s add in $10 million for Stark’s Malibu zip code.

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The stark tower in new york city was based on the MetLife building in real life billionaire Donald Bren owns the building which is valued at $3 billion. Add in the Stark’s technology and we will get $32,257,000,000.


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Starting from the hair cut. The highest paid hair stylist in Malibu charge up to $1,000. So assuming that Tony hire the highest paid stylist for his trademark goatee once in a month and it comes $12000 per year add in some fancy suits Rolexs and designer sunglasses that gets us to $100,000.


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Jarvis is a supercomputer with artificial intelligence that stark design to control his suit and mansion. One of the fastest and smartest computers in the world is the Kay computer in Japan. It is capable of 8 quadrillion calculation per second and cost $1.4 billion to design and develop. Stark’s Jarvis remarkable amount of HUD virtual reality. The popular virtual reality tech Achilles rift was recently acquired by Facebook for $2 Billion. Add that number plus Jarvis has a really cool accent which is not cheap. We get $3.5 billion.

Power and Energy

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Tony Stark’s Palladium core arc reactor doesn’t really exist. So we can’t figure out the real price for that. But according to comic book encyclopaedia arc reactor can produce 12 Gigajoules/sec and 16 million horsepower. For comparison, NASA’s space shuttle is capable of 37 million horsepower. The space shuttle Endeavour cost $1.7 billion. It might be a little bit of stretch to say the closest energy consuming vehicle to the iron man suit in the real world is a space shuttle but its as good as any will assign that cost at $1.7 billion.

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Research and Development of Iron Man Suit

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The research and development of the Ironman suit movie are actually pretty insignificant Tony draws up the plans by himself and built the first version of in a cave with a bunch of scraps. In the real world, however putting together a research team as smart as Stark is quite expensive. Military aerospace and weapon engineers make about $120,000 per year and a solid team would cost $2 Million a year. Now  let’s look at the cost of high-tech aircraft a stealth bomber plane like the Northrop Grumman b-2 spirit plane is close to the capacity of Iron man suit in terms of speed weapons etc. according to the US air force the maintenance faculty’s construction and spare parts for this aircraft for this aircraft come to $2.13 billion per unit.  Adding up those numbers gets up to 2 billion 132 million dollars it’s almost impossible to calculate the price of all the individual Ironman because each suite has its own speciality. So what we are going to do just multiply the price of one suit with the total number of the suit which will get us to $89billion 460 million.

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Grand total.

Now after calculating the all money we get $ 100 billion 49 Million and $100,000.

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